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    I currently have four plants growing. 2 photos and 2 autos. 1 photo is Durban poison the other is Jackherer. Autos are northern lights and purple ghost candy.

    I lost a good bit of seeds because my soil came with fungus gnats. Cooked all of my soil in oven until it was well above 180f. All of the seeds sprouted did fine!

    Soil is a custom blend.
    Happy frog with added perilite Gaia Green Grow&Bloom, Bio Char, Epsom salt, and a little powdered pelletized lime.

    I use natural spring water that I haven’t been phing until I saw these issues arise.

    It looks like a potential cal mag def, but I’d definitely like some guidance. Autos are definitely stunted.

    PPfd is around 260.
    Humidity 60%
    Temp 77-81f
    Leaf temp 75-80

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  3. Why add the lime?
  4. I was mixing up my own soil. I added a small amount as a preventative during the initial mix.

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