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  1. These clones are all 13 days from being cut. They are in 2" rockwool cubes. They were dipped in rooting gel. I make sure the rockwool is always moist, and i mist them 3x a day. I had them on a heating med and in a dome. The last 5 days a couple of them have been getting worse. I know i posted another thread but i did'nt get any answer. How can i revive these clones. No roots are out of the rockwool yet.
    Right now they are just sitting without a dome because iw as thinking maybe there is too much moisture and they need to breathe. when they are in the dome they are in a tent with 6 23 CFL bulbs. The bulbs are not on top of them, the bulbs are in the back of the tent over a clone that was successfully rooted.
    As you can see the two clones on the right are still looking fine (imo).
    What can i do? Do i give nutes? do i let the rockwool dry?


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    The best thing you can do is foliar feed them to slow down the potassium problem. My guess is you didn't soak the rockwool cubes in ph'd water. Rockwool is really alkaline dude it comes out of the pack around 8, it's probably lockout. If foliar feeding them doesn't help just cut new clones. I would just cut new ones, happy clones make happy harvests. Thats also way too much light, you could use 1 23w cfl two or three feet away. You want it to grow roots not foliage. Try to keep your temps at 78 degrees and keep the dome over them. Just take it off once a day for about 10 minutes, spray them down and put it back on. You should spray them once or twice a day so they don't transpire so fast and they can focus on root growth.
  3. SuppaBaked, I'm brand new here and bought my first clone 13 days ago, so I apologize if this is a dumb question. should the clones be under a clear dome? or opaque? I did get the lighting right, I 26w cfl, 2' up. when should I put them under massive array of t5s? thanks guys for everything thus been amazing!! Blue Dream blunt in the near future!Sent from my SGH-T769 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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    Ignore this post. I meant to message it to you.
  5. Your clones should be under a domes the whole time. Never take it of unless to check PH or something like. Leave them be.

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