!!! PLEASE HELP !!! CAN`t Recognize the sex

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  1. Hello everyone... I was for 1 week in Amsterdam and i bought a seeds from 2 different places 1st from one small little shop in the Street and the second from dutch passion..anyway so.. the seeds from the street shop were Jack Herrer regular not fem.
    My problem is with them couse i put 10 of the first and now its been a month and i still can`t recognize their sex for one plant i`m totally sure it`s male and remove it but others i still cant recognize so i`ll upload pics now PLEASE HELP because i put all plants in one grow room + others from dutch passion that are 100% feminized and i`m worry about them they are still small but the Jack Herrer is one month old and i`m very confused guys this is my 3rd grow but this Jack Herrer strain is first time for me ..so please see the pics and give your opinions

    PS> my other`s are inside and are 8x Black Jack and 5x NYPD they are 3 weeks old is there are danger for them if these Jack Herrer`s are male to the feminized plants (3 weeks old i`ll put pics from them latter)

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  2. Hi there,

    Hard to tell from the pics, the only clue I can see is in the 2nd pic and from that I would say it looks like she's a she. :) Still early tho so keep an eye on her. ;)
  3. if they only 3 weeks ther not gona show yet
    give a week maybe two
  4. It's! It's! A mystery to me.
  5. to early to tell but kinda looks like a girl in pic 2
  6. i`m uploading the second pics from inside and two remains jack herrer inside and the others black jack and nypd in the corner there is small jack herrers but the most important is in the big buckets is there any risk for them(feminized black jack and fem NYPD) from the eventually male from the jacks i`ll show you the two others jack`s now that are still inside

    PS what is the maximum time for the male pollens to start spreating i don`t know exactly when is too late or when is no problem for the females

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  7. too early to tell, when its time, you will know, you'll have time to take them out, just look for balls...
  8. when you start to get alternating nodes your plants will have come of age......

  9. you have to actually have balls first
    once they pop, the females will get pollinated
  10. Just give them time, doesn't look like they're really showing sex yet, but they will soon. The one in pic 2 looks like a girl, if that sprouts 2 pistils (hairs) then it's definitely a girl. Once you see balls on a male plant they typically take about 3-7 days to burst open and release their pollen.

    Ert þú frá Ísland?
  11. thanks guys i forgot to metion and ask about getting plants outside they are 3rd day outside and it`s a very rainy now is there any problem for them i put them from a 18/6 400W MH to a outside a cloudy days without sun is there a chance for them to became a hermis ? :( i heard rumours about this operation getting the plants from inside 18/6 to a outside my big worry is the cloudy days the sun doesn`t come out i hope today to come out

    PS. the only 1 male for now i put it 20meters away behind a building (cos i want a male pollens for latter to make a hybrid from Jack Heller and NYPD but i`m thinkin about the pollens is there any danger for this plants that are 20-30m away and behind a building from this one male i saw on him 2 balls allready and 3 days ago i remove it from the others

    many thanks to you all guys for the questions i have a few more but it`s about the indoor Black jack`s and NYPDS what you can say about them (see the inside pics the bigger buckets) they are over 2 and a half a week but this male was inside before 3-4 days till i remove it outside with others "suspects" from the Jack ..so is there any problem for this little girls black jack and nypd if this male spreaded some pollands in the room i still believe that i prevent this but i need a answer from the "pro`s"

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