Please help brown and yellow loooking burn marks on leaves

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  1. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what these weird spots are after I feed my plant. I am thinking When I water I possibly get nutrient water on my plants leaves and not wiping it off because I don't know it's on it. It doesn't really spread and I only see it a few days after I feed or maybe low rh or infrequent watering... I don't know it's an autoflower... my average temp is 80 and humidity stays between 50-60... please help

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  2. Overall looks like most of the markings on the leaves caused by PH fluctuations. After preparing your nutrient mix, let it settle for 24 hours and measure the PH again before feeding to check if the water you are using may be causing it to swing out of range over time.

    Temperatures at the top of the plant look like they are getting too high or the light might be too close, because the leaves are starting to curl up at the sides.

    Possibly nute burn on the tips of the leaves in the 4th pic and 6th pics. Plants will try and uptake more nutrients when temperatures are higher and the humidity is low, but 50/60's humidity seems fine so check for the highest temps that you are getting at the position of the leaves.
  3. That's is what I think it should I add the nutrients to the water then test ph... then let it sit 24 then check ph again before watering. My problem is it usually only takes six drops a gallon to get my water to about 6.3 . When I add my nutrients it takes my water down to 4.3 area. Then I have to give a crazy amount of ph up to get back in the range of 6.3... like 5 mil a gallon to get it right
  4. Add your nutes like you do, test your PH, PH it to 6.3-6.5 and give it a good thorough mix or shake. Let it settle for 24 hours then shake again and test PH once more to check whether or not it needs adjusting again. It should help stop it from swinging out of range so much.

    What nutrients are you using and how much? For it to decrease the PH by that much sounds a bit odd but that might just be me. Have you checked the calibration on your PH pen/tester if you're using one of those?
  5. Dude are you in coco or soil? No where does it state clearly and the ph for the 2 ARE DIFFERENT.

    if your in soil it's supposed to be 6.5 to 7.2 and for coco 5.5 to 6.2

    AS YOU CAN SEE 6.3 AND 6.4 DON'T APPLY AS THEY FALL INTO A GREY AREA OF FEEDING CANNABIS. Too high for hydroponics and too low for soil...your on the low side and that's why your plants doing that.adjust accordingly.


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