Please help, Boston/Massachusetts residents!

Discussion in 'General' started by Jzero, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. Hello, good New Englanders C:

    So I'm flying into Logan Friday morning for my brother's wedding later that afternoon. My family is not something I particularly enjoy, so pretty much as soon as is feasible I'm going to be stopping at a liquor store. Would you guys mind terribly giving me an idea of what the prices are like up there? I turned 21 in Maryland and have been living there ever since. A 750 mL bottle of Kentucky Gentleman goes for around $8-9 after tax; is it comparable up North? I'm just looking for a cheap, non-gasoline liquor, I'll only be up there Friday into Saturday morning.

    Thank you so much for all the help, guys!! Peaceful tokin' C;
  2. I'm not 21 yet so I can't give accurate prices as I'm not a big drinker, sorry, but all I can say is good luck with logan. :p
  3. Me too man, I rarely drink. Im much more bud oriented, so if you want some bud instead....
  4. Oh man, I wish I family doesn't know I smoke though, and I'm on kind of a tight schedule because I'm only staying for 24 hours and I'm spending the night at my sister's place (she doesn't smoke and doesn't really approve of it, so it's kind of don't-ask-don't-tell with her). So I'm going to get piss drunk instead.

    I do have plans to make a firecracker using my remaining bud and kief. I'm gonna snarf it down right before I get out of the car at the airport, so hopefully it won't hit me until after I've gone through security. I'm also praying that it will last 12 hours or so...I figure a gram should do the trick, maybe a bit more if I can scrounge up a bit more.
  5. My dad is a liquor distributor. Tell me specifically what liquor and I will give you the price retail.
  6. Nothing too crazy - I just want to be drunk the entire day, preferably for less than $15. Kentucky Gentleman? Seagram's VO? Thanks a lot, beantownbiscuit!

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