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Please Help, Awful Taste!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Grantmg, Apr 11, 2016.

  1. I have been frequently smoking marijuana for 4 years now, I'd imagine I have 1000+ sessions under my belt --- about 5 days ago I started getting paranoid I was tasting the isopropyl alcohol I used to clean my pieces, to be sure it wasn't that, I rinsed on extremely hot water for 10 minutes after cleaning.

    Taste: almost like an alcoholic has feeling in my sinuses/nose and a weird metallic, gross taste, very hard to describe.

    I do have acid reflux occasionally (like bad heartburn) and it did spike last week, but now it's gone. It's not the dank, this whole batch tasted fine the day I got it.

    What's wrong with me!? Please help, I literally don't enjoy the act of smoking my dank bud when the taste just makes me gag
  2. Use a different cleaner to see if it changes, that being said most will have alcohol. I have used ultrasonic and soap but it's real slow and a pain in the rear and the machine big enough for most pieces is not cheap. One other option is to google alcohol free cleaning water pipe. There are tried and true ways of cleaning without alcohol such as salt and water. It won't work as well but in between major cleanings that might work for you. Also maybe get another piece and let the other "air out" until you need to clean the other one.

    If you don't treat the acid reflux then gagging from whatever trigger you have (alcohol smell) will continue to happen.

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