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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by elbuga35, May 4, 2016.

  1. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] I think maybe over water or sumthing

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  2. Im no expert but it looks does look like overwatering. How many plants is that?

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  3. Over water


    Nitrogen toxicity. Back off the grow nutes and give it more bloom
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  4. get a water lever meter to keep track of how much water in your dirt and let em drink the soil dry before you water let the dirt be pullin away from the pots make em work fool...

    ...i hate autos
    they done bred yer control on out bro grow REAL weed
  5. Is just one auto. A polar express

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  6. Thank I was giving it a try brotha on my next run I will I just want to b able to do them like auto u think is possible to do the real weed like autos

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  7. no need real weed is better and easier all that autos are for beginers shit is just that shit ;)
  8. just twentyfour em to 3 r four feet then 12 n 12 em(pick n stick to yer veg nutes till 12 n 12 then pick n stick to yer bloom nutes for 5 to 7 weeks (depending sat or indie)thru flower then flush flush flush n harvest and presto dank

    ask here bout any complications
  9. Thank going to finish this and go to next

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  10. n nute low and steady
  11. Man that is N tox and overwatering combined. Better get on that.
  12. Not to smart on the whole autoflowers are ya?
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  13. hated em
  14. Just gonna drop this right here.....
    2nd Grow NL Auto Fem

    This was with CFL's and bad technique, i could have probably had a HP or more from that one plant. But it was my 2nd grow. Autoflowers are amazing if its a good strain.
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  15. I really like autos the faster I can try a new strain the better

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  16. There's a lot more going on then n tox or overwatering. Dark single and triple bladed leaves are a sign of high stress. I do a technique called monster cropping that induces stress growth like that but on a much smaller scale and I know it will correct itself. Tellike us more about your grow, environment, difficulties of any sorts....any detail you can think of
  17. ok bro...
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