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Please Help Answer My Questions About Mmj In Hawaii

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by forever808, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. Aloha, 
    I have some questions about MMJ that I'm hoping you can answer or point me in the right direction. I do not have an MMJ card yet, but I do have multiple qualifying diagnoses. I am in tons of pain all the time and have recently taken up edibles when I can find the MJ (which is rare). My questions are in relation to my location.
    I live in Hawaii and while we are an MMJ state we don't have dispensaries. When I get my MMJ card it was explained to me that I will have to either grow it myself, have a qualified caregiver grow for me, or obtain illegally. I was told around 75% of people in Hawaii must still get it illegally for various reasons even though they have the card. My doctors know that I am using and they have encouraged me to continue because of some of the relief that they have witnessed themselves. They are not allowed to help me figure out where to go to obtain the MMJ or point me in the right direction or anything of the sort. I can get a card and then I'm on my own. I am relatively isolated because of my health problems and it is extremely hard for me to find it on my own already.
    The questions I have are how does one go in search of something like that? I am brand-new to all of this. I do not know how to even ask about MJ and I have nobody in my life that partakes or knows where to get it. I don't know how to broach the subject at all and I already have limited social skills. I don't know how to ask how to find a caregiver or anything at all and I certainly cannot grow it here. I know this plant is all over our islands, I just can't find anyone with access and don't know how to ask. Can someone offer guidance or links to info or something, ANYTHING. I am at my wits end and cannot handle the pain I am in anymore and ready to end it all. If my Dr's are so supportive then why can nobody help me? 
    I just need advice, please. What do I do? Where do I turn? I have spent years on both OTC and prescription meds with not a whole lot of luck. My medical problems are progressing and I don't know what else to do. Please help me. 

  2. Hi Forever,
    Nice the way your name fits with the greeting there. 
    I was having a problem getting seeds or clones yesterday when I went  to doc. So I know how you feel. Thank God Truckee gets deliveries from Lake Tahoe dispensaries. I'm sorry about your plight and understand about the pain and lack of access! 
    I am not an expert, a newb like you. It's been 30 years for me. But I would go to a head shop and places like that, make friends and see what that may bring.
    I love Maui, I hope this helps.
  3. Thank you, that does help some. I have mobility issues and don't get out much because of the pain. I will try this though. Also please, if anyone has additional suggestions it would be appreciated. 
  4. I'm not shure about the laws in Hawaii, but I know in cali you can't get in trouble for purchasing if you have a card. If you can't get in trouble for purchasing i would check out Craigslist. If there is nothing there then you could try going to a bar and asking around.

    Pretty messed up that they don't have dispensaries. That almost defeats the purpose of MMJ.
  5. It is illegal to purchase here unless you are purchasing from your own caregiver. Hawaii has almost no protections. We also do not recognize MMJ from other states so those on vacation can and will be prosecuted for bringing it here or for buying it here. 
  6. Wow, that sucks. I suggest going to a bar and asking around. Either that or growing your own.
  7. I might try a bar, not sure. I don't drink. I'm only using for medical purposes only. I also can't grow my own due to the apartment complex I live in. I am brand new to all of this. Is there not some place I can be pointed to where I can learn how to recognize people that may be able to provide marijuana or how to learn how to ask around? I am totally clueless with everything. I had some but I didn't go looking for it as it was given to me when they saw how much pain I was in constantly. This person is off island now. I do not understand why I can't ask my doctors? What is the deal with that, does anyone know? It is a vicious cycle because the more pain I am in, the less I get out and I already hardly ever leave my place because of the pain. I know I need to get out more but I don't know what to do, or how to act or whatever. 
  8. What island are you located on?
  9. Well not helpfull RIGHT now, but supposedly in 2015 we might get dispenseries after the bills come into effect.
    That is not true at all.  By 2015, they hope to have transfer the MMJ program from the Narcotics Enforcement Division to the Department of Health.  A BIG step in the right direction, by not having the program controlled by narcs essentially.
    Unfortunately, they are also going to make it harder for patients to get their cards by allowing only a patients Primary Care Provider to issue you a recommendation.  
    Many patients  go to veterans clinics or other federally subsidized health center who will not issue them a MMJ recommendation so they must see a specialty doctor for their rec.  The changes in 2015 are basically trying to eliminate specialty doctors from the equation and will essentially disqualify a major portion of card holders in hawaii.
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    Thats interesting news. Perhaps I will have to talk to my Primary about renewing my card next year durring my post op.
  12. Forever808 - Can you give us an update?  Are you still in the same position?  I am roughly in the same difficult spot as you are.  I've been living here for a few years now and had some great hookups but they have dissolved.  I am currently working on a few leads though and would be glad to help you out when I get something solid.  Also, if you have found a good connection I'd appreciate the same gesture.
    What island are you on?  If you are on Oahu, it is very easy to find but the quality and price will blow your mind.  Its sounds corny but you can buy a Bob Marley shirt or anything that blatantly says screams MJ and walk around the International Market Place in Waikiki.  Guaranteed someone will approach you to buy.  I hate to give you this advice because most of the shit you will get will be, well... shitty or you may pay way more than it's worth.  Some of the people are sketchy, just go with your gut.  Never front any money and wait for them to come back with product, you'll never see them again.  I know this is shitty advice but it's a start if you are that desperate.  There are so many street dealers in Waikiki, it's unbelievable.  But the guys selling on the streets are at a very low level and they are trying to make a buck or two as well.
    I doubt we will ever see dispensaries in Hawaii.  The main reason is because the black market won't allow it.  So much bud is grown on the Big Island and Maui and an open market will bring down the already over priced weed market.  It would kill their business (no offense to the black market growers, it's just business and I understand).
    Let's keep in touch and try to help unite the MMJ community in Hawaii.
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    Americans for Safe Access or your local NORML chapter might be able to help you.  You have to meet people though, so social media might be an option if you have mobility issues.  You could also try local support groups for your medical conditions, it's the medicine that works, so people with chronic conditions have to find it or grow it, and helping others in need is a blessing.
  14. No they wont, currently, the only legal way in Hawaii to acquire your medicine is by growing it yourself or having a certified caretaker grow it for you.  It is illegal to purchase or transfer your marijuana to another patient/person that isnt your caretaker.
    It is stupid as hell, but it is the law at the moment.
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    That is not the main reason at all...tons of growers would love to go legal and supply local dispensaries.  You think if we had dispensaries here we would just import all our weed from california? Fuck no. 
    It is mainly because our lawmakers are a bunch of corrupt, spineless jackasses with no balls, that bow to police and corporations.  We tried to legalize recreational use and they killed the bill before it even got heard in council because they ASSUMED it wouldnt have enough votes to pass, despite having overwhelming support in favor of legalization throughout the state! How lame is that?
    Police are to blame as well, they love their comfy weed busts...nevermind all the unsolved murders and shit that have been happening lately.  They'll do anything to keep their weed busts, so they dont have to deal with real crimes and can pad their pockets with profits from busts.

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