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  1. hello GC, this site had become my goto guide for awhile now so i thought id make an account. Excellent source of information here. Ok, heres my situation/condition.
    Light- 400 MH ,18/6
    Temp- avg around 78, with 45-50% hum.
    medium- soil mix
    ventilation- several rotating fans blowing air around, ( i believe this to be my problem)
    area- 5x10 room with no windows or vents just a door that leads to another room with no outside access.
     I had 4 clones growing under my light for about 4-5 wks. I have no idea how mature they was when i received them if that matters. They looked beautiful, however yesterday i walked in and they all were drooping and had yellow and brown dead leaves. All of them. My door is normally left cracked open to help with heat and vent. but it was shut. Thats nothing I havnt done before, but the temp was up to 88. I dont think that would have cause them heat stress, Im thinking its my lack of fresh air. IDK, thurs before lights out they looked vibrant and healthy, friday evening comes and its like wth? On 5/19 i used fertalizer for first time, organic fish emulsion, 2-2-2....   Please help, ive come to love these girls and idk what they're trying to tell me!!!

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  3. morning cush  Q is that your ballast on the floor m8 ? if so move it away from the plants nd tissues m8 they get hot nd can be a hazard m8 gonna have a quick look see if we can see wots wrong with them. back in 2 mins on a bigger screen m8 (mobile to small ) :gc_rocks:
  4. Trainwreck, the lil one there suffered a training injury about a wk ago. Ive been bending and tying and slightly split her. shes healed up now just not fully recovered. my lights actuallly popped on few min ago ill go see if i can get sum pics to post of current condition
  5. when you say they have drooping brown leaves on all ov them do you mean all the plants ? or all the leaves ? are the brown leaves only at the bottom ov the plants ? how quickly does problem seem 2 be getting worse .?
  6. Your right about the ballast i was actually in the middle of clearing that room out. ive got cfl for my cuttings/seedlings in another room and was getting that room for flowering within a wk or so.
  7. leaves from what i could tell. im going now b back with pics
  8. is it starting from the bottom and working its way up ? wot does your new growth look like m8
  9. only time i trim is to get clones or remove a "mostly dead" leaf. The where all green and perky and now i have quite a few leaves that look like that on all plants.
  10. You seem to have answered your own question there bro! Lack of ventilation means no fresh air and the heat from the lamps WILL burn the surface of your plant's leaves, I know this from experience :p Also, I feel like overheating causes the plant to dehydrate itself, hence the doopy leaves. So water and ventilate, that should be it! Once I left my fan off over night and the tops of my plants were SCORCHED. Just be careful not to leave the ventilation off.
  11. afflicted leaves are towards the bottom and at a glance seems to be majority of fan leaves, the new growth looks good but not as perky as i remember. The whole plant just has this drooping look. my room temp rite around 72 at the moment. i thought heat stress but was leaning more towards my lack of ventilation, but now im just at a loss.
  12. Heres where my in-experiance shows. About ventilation, Idk how exactly that works. In this case i will exhast to my attic. Ive read the wonderful informative pieces on the subject here and a whole lotta postings from other members but i am still unclear of how i am to set it up. But more so im confused on what exactly i need to buy. Id like to do the diy but if thats the culprit then i want to get it installed asap. Can someone throw out a specific kit or combo that has EVERYTHING i need with it, and one thats affordable. lol thanks in advance, ill b self-sufficent with this one day :smoke:
  13. do you have any way to check ph ? if you can check water before feeding nd then check waste .post your results . i would knock the nutes on the head 4 a week or so your still in veg so you can. you say it started when you added nutes but that may not be the problem how often do you water ? I would give them a good drink ov ph,d  water no nutes as the droop may be thirst after over heating but only you know if your watering to much or not enough . get that door open for today nd post me your grow room size nd we can work out wot you need for vent,s is smell a issue for you ? i would not grow without a carbon filter myself but each to there own .hope this helps ya buddy .
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    ive got the soil test kit with the pill capsules, i cant really get an accurate reading with them but i mite beable to get u close to the levels.  i keep a "grow journal" and it was the 19th i used the organic fish emulsion. They seemed to enjoy that and showed no signs of stress in the days following. I was going to feed every 2 wks so 6/2 was the next feeding. With watering its pretty much on an as needed basis, with 1-2 good watering a week.
    Also, its just the lower fan leaves that stick way out i thnk they're called petiole, that have yellowed and browned. the rest of the plants just is drooping sooo bad.
  15. I think its overheating that caused the droop nd bottom leaves die off themselfs keep the door open nd get a fan on them. If it is that you will see an improvement by lights out tomo. Also lift the light up away from them . You will be alright m8 just keep on keeping on. nd you gonna need some form ov extraction to get the excess heat out of your groom . I use a 6in fan  nd a Rhino carbon filter but my space is bigger than yours so you may be able to get a 4 inch .Post me your room size again m8 but add the height off the room as well nd i will phone my m8 for you to work out wot you need  :smoking:
  16. Man i really hope so. I raised the lights up they r sitting about 1 1/2 ft away now. thats canopy to bottom of reflector.
    room dimensions are -  8ft ht, 5ft width, 10ft length
  17. do you have any where you can vent 2 ya mention an attic if its above ya room smashing you can go straight up . i think ya gonna have spend a little bit on ya room but it will be worth it . you need to vent the heat from the room also the plants need fresh air . how tall are your plants now ?
     Yea seems to be the case, do i just hang the vent pipe straight down close to the canopy? 3 of 4 roughly around 2 ft give or take a inch, the other was 1 1/2 ft.  I just cleaned room and let the girls cool down for awhile, i retied to that the tops are even to try and let the later catch up. I also flushed, I had alot of hard dry spots in the soil.
  19. I was actually putting them in flower this up comming weekend. Was that a good idea? Is it a good idea now? Should i go ahead and plan on flowering or let em ride for a cpl more wks?

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