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    This ISNT my plant, i dont have a digi cam but this may aswell be my plant.. it looks identical. Now, ive chopped off the wilting leaves from the stem.. but im not sure if this'll be the last i see of the problem (1st time growing).
    The plant is in the celler in a seperate white painted room inside a similar sized pot as the one in the pic, which is inside an approx 2ftx2x2ft box (with the top off) which is aluminium foil lined, i have an old thorn 400watt bulb about 20cm from the plant, ive used a little miricle grow and the soil is damp to the touch (at the top) but not soggy, if i poke my finger down a few inches the soil is still a similar consistacy. Is there anything wrong with anything in the setup or anything ive done?.. or any tips anyone could give me? especially about the wilting..
    thanks alot :)
    <edit> ive moved the 400watt lamp up 'to about .75m away from the top of the plant because someone told me it was way too hot.
    <edit2>I also have some 20watt bulbs, would one of these be better to use, seeing as im only growing one plant right now?
  2. well hope this helps here goes:

    right now your plant is small and will grow slowly but you will need much more then 2 feet of space youll want about 4 by 4 clearance to the sides and about 8 feet height wise this way youll have plenty of room for your plant and lights. also i hope to god you have a proper ballast for that 400 watter cause they can easily explode a normal socket at the very least use a procelline(sp) socket.

    keep the light at the very top of the closet/room wherever your growing the plants will recieve plenty of light from this distance and will not damage the plants at any stage in development.

    from the looks of the damage on the picture it seems that those 2 lil smooth leaves on the bottom are fucked and 2 of the smaller weed shaped leaves are also fucked. it needs leaves to survive so as long as it has a few more on top itll recover. never cut anything off till youve found out whats wrong and corrected it first i didnt do this when i had shit happen and ended up cutting off about 6 leaves on mine :/

    also dont add ferts until about 3 weeks into veg this will cause yellowing ive found. leave the soil too dont water for a few days( so long as within those few days it doesnt get too dry) this may also be why your plant is dieing.

    hope some of this helped :D gl and report back when ya try some of this im curious to see your plant progress : o
  3. thanks, that would :)
    um, about the light, you mean does it have its own power supply?.. yeh, i have to plug it in at the wall. you say the box is too small.. is it ok for the time being though yeh? and i dont think i have any 4x8 foot ones.. lol, but the room the plant is in is just under the stairs in the cellar, the room has prodominantly white walls.. so even if the plant does outgrow this box, would i just be able to take it out and lay the pot which its in on the floor?
    last thing.. hehe.. any guesses on how much its going to cost me keeping this 400watt bulb on 24/7?
    heh edit: the guy who originally gave me the seed told me its afghan.. if that helps at all, and if you can tell me the general characteristics of afghan weed, and what it likes/dislikes etc i'd appreciate it alot.. i cant find anything definitive on the net :/
    Edit.. again : just noticed you didnt say whether the 20w bulb would be better. ive just checked the one im using.. its a thorn 400 mbi lamp, or that might be mbl, im not sure.. do you know what mbi lamps are and if so, are the suitable?
  4. for now 2 by 2 foot room will be fine for the next few weeks.

    the 20 watt would be good for now if you cant get a safe way to work your hps. 400 watts will add about 30$ per month if on 24/7 iirc my 150 adds almost 10 per month but its on 12/12 i know nothing about afghan exept that its a sativa iirc and will grow very tall and fast (if thats what it really is some guys just lie) so you will need about 10 feet height wise, white walls are great they will reflect small ammounts of light. tinfoil is a bit overboard i think lol if youve seen trailer park boys they had all the interior of one trailer covered in tin foil. it does reflect light back and thats good but all you need is an overhead shield to reflect excaping light from going upwards sending it back downwards. about the light you need a ballast for anything higher then 100 watts or it can explode(sending molten hot plastic and glass metel peices all over the place) not too good for the plant imo so you need to buy a ballast for a 400 watter its about 200 bucks canadian its basicly a powerstation thing that prevents it from overloading you plug it into the wall then into the light. also about what type of bulb it is dont be worryed thats just a company name i think so long as when you turn it on it has, at first a green /blue light then quickly turns brighter and brighter into a very yellow light( it will tint everything in the room yellow slightly) then its an hps light and will work itll also have a lil plastic center thats very distinct all weed likes the same thing no matter what type only a few species are harder to grow then others for whatever there reasons i think afghan will be just fine but correct me on that because i never grew any myself
  5. umm ok thanks :), the ballast says thorn 400watt mpi but i just checked the bulb and it says philips 400 watt hpi bus-p.
    Dya (or anyone) know whether this bulb is ok to use?.. and is it safe with the current ballast? o_O
  6. Hi Slanesh

    Had some that looked just like that myself. They're budding nice now though, but still losing leaves from the bottom up. As a first time indoor grower I think my main prob is a very hot light in a small space. They don't seem to mind it now they're in bud though so maybe it is a lack of flouro problem?

    I think the trick is to keep em going so you grow more veg than you lose until flower time. Air is crucial if you are using a sealed unit Phillips.

    I wont get what I wanted but I'll get what I need - sounds a bit Rolling Stonish that :)

    Good luck, as another 1st time indoors man I look forward to hearing how they go.
  7. thanks.. though im not really sure what you mean by a lack of flouro problem.. sorry *points to his n00b sign
  8. you never need floros they are inferior to every other light :p use MH or anything else( i just go hps for veg and flowering ) but floros i hear wont grow ya very big plants yellowing is caused( in flowering anyways) by the plant useing up all its goodys and shit its saved up, so use some ferts to replenish this i use some 1/8 diluted 10-60-10 and its like crack to her and now alot of her has slowly taken back and stoped dieing :D hope this is the same with the ^^^ plant so this guy wont lose this gal too almost lol
  9. lol i think i already lost my gal when i decided to start growing :)

  10. not always. i got 4 plants under 40 watt hps and one of them is bigger and a lot of plants iv seen at that age that are under fluoros.

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