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  1. Im going to buy a 90w led and 2 or 1 100w 2700k for my flowering cab. and I need to know if its the right choice or not or not. I was thinking of getting this because its a good price and every thing looks good on the description. does any one have any experience with this 90w ufo or experience with a different one for around the same price. Or suggestions on what kind of light I should get. HPS is out of the picture beacuse I can only use two 120mm AC, 90cfm computer fans each rigged to its own DIY carbon filter, that make just the right amount of noise. I caint get a inline fan beacuse there to loud, I already tryed 2 differnt ones and both where to loud and I reterned them. Please help i want maximum yeild!
  2. I would not recommend getting ufo's for flowering. They work alright for veg with a little CFL help but that's about it. You should do as most anyone here would advise and get a HPS for flowering and some cfls for veg. This kind of set up will really have you time, money, and needless hours spent taking bong rips trying to figure out why your pants are growing so slow.

  3. I would rather get HPS/MH but there is no way I can cool it due to ventilation issues. So I thought that It would be better to get led and some cfls insted of juts cfls, because leds dont put of much heat and I think I would have a better yeild with a 90w LED and however many cfls I can fit without the temp going over 80.
  4. I wouldn't go for THAT ufo. The proven ones made by sunshine systems are much more than that and I have heard stories of bunk ufos on the market. The owners of my local hydro shop have been doing tests with LEDs in their store inside of tents. They are using different Sunshine Systems products (a UFO, a glowpanel 45, and the glowpanel pro) They tell me that LEDs are GREAT for vegging but don't have the nuts for flowering. They think it is a combination of depth of penetration and low heat. He thinks that to flower anything well you need that heat stress. (they are growing tomatos and peppers) They highly recommend leds for shorter plants because of the shallow penetration and that made me think scrog but they aren't fully behind an LEDs ability to flower as well as HID. I have seen the peppers they have under LEDs and the ones under HPS and the HPS is BLOWING AWAY the LED
  5. I still don't think enough progress has been made in developing/using LEDs. For the money you spend on that light, you could get a good HPS. I realize that heat can be an issue, especially with a HPS, but keep it in mind. Where there's a will, there's a way. If there's one thing I have learned on GC, there are some brilliant and creative minds out there that can solve any problem. If you are still concerned, just go with CFLs....and the more the merrier. Think it over.....:smoke:
  6. ur gonna pay that much for that little!!!! u could get an hps light with that cash instead and increase yield big time, use cfl's for veg, and 2 150w hps for flowering, just read that somebody got 2 of those hps bulb and ballast for 200 together, idk where or how tho, fuck those leds tho,
  7. My grow is going great with one UFO 90, but you have to know how to use it. I am told tri-band is going backwards. This is probably why it's so cheap. Also come bud time you want to add a couple CFLs to get deeper into the canopy.

    Check out the indoor and hydro forums here, you will see killer plants from 90 watt LEDs!
  8. yah I think i might just go all cfls for right now and maby invest in a led when the good ones get cheaper and better.
  9. One of my bros recently told me he grew in aDIY 3 X 3 X 4 box (also DIY carbon filter, and recirculating air) using CFLs and SCROG. Said he got a couple ozs! That's a great return on a minimal investment

    I'm sure the weed was killer
  10. led's do not grow reefer any better than cfl's a lot of money and buy cfl's

    I have led's and I am very going to upgrade to hps
  11. dam some day i hope to get a 600w HPS and a grow tent:(
  12. ok I tested out my box with 50w of cfls and it got to about 83f. will my yield really be larger with 50w of cfls then with 90w of led. also put into account that if the led is cool enough I could add a little bit of cfls.
  13. 83 is a good temp..try to keep it under 85 although my grow box that I had with my ufo in it got up to 95 and I didnt really see any adverse effects.. Your yield will be the same with your cfl setup as it would be with a led

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