Please help 400 watt HPS buzzes but dosen't start

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Bigdrew28, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. it's a 400 watt htg unit i have two of them which i bought less than a year ago .About 3 months ago the first one went bad and i messed with it by re-splicing my wires but it diden't help .......NOW the second one has done the same it the starter/ignitor ??? im stumped and i need thease lights to work asap.Im down to one 400 hps light for my 12/12 and it's killing me ,.........PLEASE HELP !!!
    Thank-you for any help
  2. Is it very cold in the room your ballast is in? I ask because of the time of year, the temps may be dropping where you are. Some older ballasts buzz for a few seconds before igniting the lamp (and the lamp itself can take an extra second or two to reach it's potential) in colder environments.

    How long have you tried letting it buzz, before shutting off your power board/surge protector?

    Lastly, if they're under a year old... replacement/warranty?
  3. ok.....sorry it took so long to get back ,No it's not cold in the area where i keep all my ballast's.I took the ballsat out and put it all back together in the garage.Then i let it run over an hour,changed bulbs tapped on ballast and nothing im thinking its the ignitor so im looking for one online right now .........thank you for your help.I hope replaceing the ignitor will work

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