Please help! 1st time, leaves look like rams horns

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by neoadict, May 13, 2006.

  1. Ok so there about 6weeks old
    from clone
    in soil
    using grow, bloom, miro, oxy and flush all on regular interals.
    Had a mite problem leaves became spotted and bronzed
    sparyed 2 times with avid
    big room
    1000 watt full spect bulb
    fresh air intake
    what else can I tell you?
    Dont think its to close to the lights?
  2. I cant post any pictures just yet but if you can imagine
    - tons to curly little pigs tails or rams horns, this cant be normal:eek:
    - the oldest one I have almost completly lost as she basically only has the tops left
    should I just trash her?
  3. How much and how often do you water?
    What size containers are they in?
    What is your soil mix?
    What is the pH?
    What are the temps and RH in the growspace?
    How close is that 1kw light?
    What light cycle?
    How often and how much fert?
    Have they always curled? When did this start happening?
    Are they just curling or are they also turning yellow, spotting, drying out, etc?
    Sounds like you are describing multiple flushings -- how often, and why?
    You mention air intake, what about exhaust? Fans?

    Even with answers to all this we need to see pics, especially to answer your question about trashing or not.
  4. Water 2L every second day for the first while now I am going on 7 days without water
    5 gal size containers
    Pro Mix
    I water at 6.2 but I took a reading this morning and on the PH reader is on line line of 7 Alkine
    The temp ranges between 27 and 30
    Dont know what this is (RH in the growspace?
    1 foot from 1kw light
    Light cycle was 18/24 just turned yesterday to 12/12
    Water cycles are 2 feedings fert and one flush
    I think I was at 60ml grow
    40 ml bloom and 40 micro something close to that per 5 gal water, RO
    Just noticed them curling after my PH reader broke, forget to make note thought it was natural
    Yes they are curling and are they also turning yellow, spotting, drying out, etc?
    Oh could be on the moms stoppped feeding them nuts about 2 weeks ago
    Tought it should be water with oxy only(Sounds like you are describing multiple flushings -- how often, and why?
    You mention air intake, what about exhaust? Fans? 2 fans and good size squirl fan, right size for the room.
  5. oh did I forget to say thank you. :wave:
  6. Hi still trying to figure out whats wrong with my little ones
  7. did you say one foot from a 1000 watt light?way too close unless you got an under the bulb reflector like the adjust a wing.still pretty close...if the temp goes over 85f your not good.
  8. i have some thing not the bat wings but some 5 panel circle thing, to close you say?
  9. Ya know what? I think it will be ok I was told my ph was still to high.
  10. Distance is fine from the HPS if you have a fan and good temperature control. Maybe you can back the light off to about 18-24 inches for now. If it were burning from the light you would see this at the top of the plants nearest the light. I think what you are describing is a PH problem. What is your soil ph (not the runoff, not the PH of the water you give it)?
  11. I don't know how big your pots are or if this is you problem, but one of my plants just becamse rootbound and the leaves started curling down like you describe, but stayed green and healthy otherwise. I transplanted and I'm waiting for it to spring back to steady growth. Who knows if this is your problem, but if your pot is somewhat small, maybe cut a slit down the pot and peel it back and check out the roots.

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