Please help!!!! 12 days in, need advice asap!!!

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  1. Ok, so my grow op is going ok, but just ok. My plants are about 12 days old, and have about 5-6 leaf sets. I have 1x65 watt cfl, 4x24 watt cfls, and a 400 watt HPS running 24/0. All of this attention is on 1 plant that I am trying to grow into a beautiful Mother Plant. Miricle Grow Soil, 6.8ph distilled water, about 2 quarts a day of watering, and temp around 78 degrees. I plan on fimming the top of my beauty, even tho Im scared shitless that Im gonna f*ck up my plant. Anyways, so here is my questions. 1, my lowest set of leaves are curled slightly down? Instead of growing wide and large, they have curled away from the light somewhat. The leaves are still really green, and the rest of its growth is doing amazing, growing alot faster than expected. I am 100 percent sure that they are getting enough light. Am I under/over watering? I water it with 4 cups of water, then come back about an hour later and water it with 4 more cups, and then dont water for a day or 2. (Depending on the dampness of the soil) My second question is should I be fimming only the top of my plant? And at what stage should I start taking my trimmings to clone with? Thanks for all the help everyone, you all rock! lol
  2. Sounds to me like you're doing fine and you've done your research. :) You defo have enough light (probably why she is growing so fast :)). I would say your plant is fine, it's quite normal for the older growth to wither and die off as the plant ages. A pic would help to confirm it, but I suspect you have nothing to worry about in that department.

    Try not to love her to death. ;) it's very easy to worry about them too much, especially if you are nursing just one. :) I don't think you are over watering, although you may be making it harder on yourself than it needs to be. Water until it runs out the bottom, then stop. Only water again when the soil has dried right out or the plant shows you she needs it.

    You can pretty much fim as much as you want with any new shoots and she sounds like she has grown enough to handle it now. Take a clone once you have a decent branch to work with.

    Good luck and show us pics! :smoking:
  3. Sounds like you've over watered it to me dude, your temp is fine. As for fimming it I don't see the point if your gonna use it as a mother, save that for the cuttings.

    As for when to take cuttings personaly I wait for the plant to show sex or around 3 weeks +

  4. 1 person says ive over watered, the other says i but i think i got the watering figured out. And, I know the plants sex, because Im working with femminized seeds. :D Thanks for the input
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    I understand what your saying with the fem seeds but the point I was making was wait for the plant to show sex as it will of then reached maturity, some strains can take a long time to show sex which is why I give it the 3 week + period timescale. I personally find taking cuttings from a 12 day old plant a little to early. :p

    But we all have our own techniques at the end of the day..
  6. Thanks for the info....Then I will wait another 2 weeks or so on the cuttings....just based on the fimming guide in the stickies, it looked like something I needed to do.... Thanks for clearing that up for me!

  7. *nod* yep. I said wait til she had a big enough branch before you clone. :)

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