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  1. hey there these are my babies.
    im on this just to find out some tips and stuff and make sure im doin things right.
    there is 3 plants there all 5 weeks old and are under a 150watt light.i try to keep the temp around 65 or as close as i can.not 100% sure when to start to flower was goin to leave it for a week or feel free to comment on wat u see as it is my first grow and need all the help i can get.
    thank you

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  2. Just a hair small for 5 weeks from seed but doing ok. Have you started nutrients yet? You want to wait until the plants are mature before you flower them you will get you much better results. 65 is cold for vegative growth I like temps in the 76-80 deg range with lights on and 66-70 with the lights off. I suspect the low temps are the reason for the slow growth.
  3. THANKS i think i might invest in 1 more light in the next few days but my buget is tight will get the temp up a bit so and see if that helps thanks again
  4. just some quick pointers...

    at 5 weeks you should get bigger pots.
    get your temp up 10*
    more light will obviously help

    a bit small for 5 weeks but still respectable. :D
  5. just a quick question im after ordering a new light but will take 3 or 4 days to come i have a halagen light here could i put that in while im waitin on the other 1 to come or would it do damage
  6. it will do more harm than good. halogen lights do not grow plants for shit, its all heat.
  7. Might not be the worst case scenario as you need some heat in your box.

    However the spectrum put off by halogen is down right bad for MJ plants. Might be a way to heat the room though you might just have to sheild the majority of the light put off by the bulb.
  8. yea thanks for all the help thats wat ive gone for ive put that in for now but have the light facein away form plants so hopefully it will help :hello:
  9. Keep in mind that after an hour or so if the temps aren't up take that bulb out no reason to get no reward from something potentially harmful.

    Also if you have any other method of heating the room use that I was serious when I said it was bad for your plants the red spectrum stimulates stem growth and stretching so keep and eye on them.
  10. the way ive done it they r gettin very little of the light and i can already feel the temp goin up so fingers crossed :D

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