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  1. HI Guys I need your suggestions. I have 5 plants 4 indica and 1 sativa. started using MH 400 watts and sometimes 600 watts depends how much heat is was on Cfls in start. My question is as I am using soil which I found is slow releasing So do I need to add fertilizer now leave it just like this. But here are the images.



    Indica (My cat molested her)

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  2. from experience using slow release nutrients it wont need them until flowering stage ,, everybody tries different things tho.

    looking really healthy at the moment ,, :)
  3. Thanks Doc. One more thing you see my cat destroyed few leafs so what i did is chopped the lower set of leaves and added more dirt to it. I think i didn't do any thing wrong.
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  4. it should recover , within a few days following this thread :love-mj2:
  5. Thanks mate. will keep you updated.
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  6. One of the biggest things with growing these plants in containers in soil is using a soil with proper drainage. If you'll go and look at pics in some of the journals of more experienced growers, you'll see that it looks like it's more perlite than soil. These plants don't like their roots sitting in moisture all the time and heavy perlite (like 40%) in your medium will provide good drainage. The soil needs to be so light and arid that unless you water very slowly, the water just dumps right through and out into the drain pan. The soil you're using has no perlite in it at all that I can see, which is going to make drainage much harder for the plant than it should be. The biggest fail for new growers is over watering. Never ever water your plants until you can lift the container and they feel like they're just almost dead dry. If the plant isn't drooping (which they do when they're very wet or very dry), it's not "too dry." As far as nutes go...they're just plant food. For some reason, new growers a lot of the time get the idea that nutes are the thing that grows a large plant and causes a weighty harvest. That's just hogwash. The element that determines everything with these plants is lighting. Each individual plant needs enough wattage of proper spectrum to force the plant to give you all it's got. Crowding up a bunch of plants under a single light source is just shooting yourself in the foot by robbing development of foliage and buds. Crowding just shades light out from being able to penetrate the canopy of the plant. If you have a light source that will only support flowering a single plant, you're better off to flower the one and make it as good as can possibly be rather than flowering several for the sake of doing more. We use 1000 watt HPS for flower and 2 plants per light is my limit. Growing less plants and giving the ones I do flower all the good strong light they can stand, has gotten our weight after harvest and cure to between 3.5 and 4 (or more depending on the plant) ounces.

    So, unless the overall coloration of your plants is off and they have faded in color from that nice rich blue/green that is "normal" for the MJ plant to a more yellow/green color, chances are your plants need no nutes at the moment. Giving when they don't need or giving in too strong a mixture just burns your plants. If you use good quality formulated grow soil, you can grow the plant all the way through it's life with the soil alone and just repot plant when it outgrows old container into fresh new soil. This gives roots room to spread, new soil will handle feeding of the plants for weeks (depending on the size of the plants) and all the grower has to do is water when it's time. We use Roots Organics Original and though it's insanely expensive, I'll buy it as long as I can get it because the soil is so good, it really cuts down on the work I have to do. We run multiple flower rooms so I have to tend lots of plants. And rest assured, more plants means more work because they all need to be tended individually to get the best result.

    And always fill up your containers. If those containers are the kind with the enclosed drain tray on the bottom, you'll need to remove that and add some more drainage holes as again, drainage is key to getting a healthy plant and good growth. You also need some decent soil man. That stuff...whatever it is, doesn't look like it's worth messing with. The root system of your plant is the brain of the whole operation so you always want to keep the roots happy and healthy and a big part of that is having the right grow medium and what you're using doesn't look like it's going to be of any real benefit. But always fill up your containers. The plant is going to grow (hopefully) and will need all the root room it can get. Just means that particular soil will support each plant longer.

    I think it would be a great benefit to you to do some serious reading up on lighting and just how much wattage a single plant needs to perform well. And spend some time reading up on how to grow and tend these plants, grow media and learn about nutrients. Just because they're in an interesting bottle with pretty colored labels, doesn't mean they are anything different...just cost more. But nutes will not be responsible for growing you a nice plant and getting a good harvest. They will supplement the growth of the plant, but you've got to have the light to get the plant to do it's thing if you want the best harvest possible. 5 plants in flower is going to need a lot of light. You don't mention what you're using...or I missed it if you did, but you can always harvest more from a single plant that gets all the light it needs during flower and is tended properly than you can by just flowering more under a single lamp. Got to let the light down into the plant. Good luck! TWW
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  7. Thanks for your such a detailed reply. Yes you are 100% right regarding perlite. I am using dust bins litterly and did big holes under it, I usually water them after 7 days and when i water it drains out from the bottom which makes me think at least water is not sitting. Secondly i was not comfortable with transplanting at this stage because they are small and I am no expert. Regarding light I stared with Cfls but now all are under 600 watts MH.
  8. can you get some good quality earth worm castings? if you can you are already in good shape. the most important thing you can do for you plants is start a wormbin and start making some castings yourself. meanwhile try to find some quality material in your area. you can also add worms to your soil. but make sure to muclh, speaking of which:

    get yourself some material to mulch with (dry leaves, straw, bark or wood chips) and lay down a good 1-2 inch layer. just make sure your material is clean from pesticides and herbicides.

    plenty of good info in the sticky threads here in the organic section for you to read and feel free to ask questions if you need more clarification.
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    How much soil is in those pots? What exactly is in that soil mix? Your plants do look healthty at the moment but it kinda looks like youre growing in straight topsoil and you may need to build a better soil to transplant into. Aeration and compost are very important in soil and even a bagged soil like roots looks way better than what youve got. I might even try to very gently scoop out the extra soil you added without distubing the roots and replace it with a better mix to help hold your girls over till transplant. Definitely add mulch too.
  10. hmmmm sounds intresting, if i get hold of real eart
    Thanks for your suggestion will try to look for live earth worm and surly go through the thread you mentioned..

    I think its 5 to 6 LBS or liters in each. I am using Aqatic compost here is the link Westland Aquatic Compost

    I did ask my local nursery they do have prelite and was thinking to to mix some in this pre mixed compost. one more thing i can see lot of stuff in my dirt like bones, manure , some white chalk like stuff . little wooden chips.
    But honestly mate i have no idea what ratios are required how much prelite i should mix it how many earth warms in each pot what should be size of the pot. I think will be able to save 5 plants but max i have 600 watts MH and hps and can add cfls to side lightning.

    please enlighten me with your experience, and happy Christmas to all of you.
  11. So youre growing in straight compost? And not good compost either if there is uncomposted poop, bones, wood, etc in there. You might be allright till transplant but compost is not soil and you may have problems. You need to buy or preferably learn how to build soil. I highly recommend reading at least the first couple pages of the "organic soil for beginners" and "no till revisited" threads stickied here so you have at least a basic understanding of how soil works.
  12. I see can you give me idea how much i should wait till transplant as I was quite sure this is not the medium i should use its because of unavailability where I live. Can I wait for a week or so and the get bigger pots and get proper soil.
  13. Thats why i asked how much soil. Is it about a gallon or two? I usually dont transplant until roots have filled the container and are holding the soil together well. If the rootball breaks up during transplant youll shock or even kill the plant.

    Your situation is tricky though what you do have going for you is more than enough plants to lose a couple and still fill your footprint. 2-4 plants should be plenty for those lights. I might actually try to transplant one extremely carefully now just to see if you can pull it off. Maybe cut a circle into the soil a few inches out from a plant with a knife and then scoop in with both hands around the biggest section of that compost/root area that you can hold together. Hold the soil together firmly and wiggle gently upward and out attempting not to tear the taproot. Lower it into a premade hole in your new soil and have a friend fill around it as you gradually release attempting to keep the section you moved from breaking up. Then water into the new soil and cross your fingers. If the plant is still alive in a couple days consider doing one more. Then just wait and see whick plants do best and pick the healthiest for flower.
  14. Ah you gave me goose bumps, but you guys are spot on and your it seems like you have a solid suggestion for translating so I will do one ata time and see the difference. I just called my local nursery and the price they gave me was insane for peat moss. $50 for 2 kgs because they have to import it. So I am going to replace the peat moss with coconut stuff. Also got some perlite which is same as the price of gold. some worm casting. just wanted to know should i add some of the existing compost into the mix as it working till now.
  15. Bullshit. Canadian sphagnum peat moss comes from canada. Coconuts do not. Peat is better and if you cant find it youre not looking hard enough. Any big box hardware store has it or can order it
  16. @jodut - Welcome to GCO! You may run into some terminology and sourcing blockades, but there is more than one way to skin this cat.

    Check out her potting mix. It's geared a little more towards your side of the pond.

    Grow Better Plants With Home-made Organic Potting Mixes

    If you can, start compost, vermiposting and leaf mold. Put together an IPM (integrated pest management) program. Get your hands on neem meal, kelp meal, comfrey pellets, lucerne and you'll never look back. You should see what @jerry111165 does with leaf mold
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  17. hmm sounds interesting will have a look for sure.
  18. bro I am from far east we dont grow here as we have hash all over the place, its just I lived in uk for quite some time and tried a lot so wanted to do some grow. we have a very different climate and lots of other issues, but with the help of you guys and your experience I hope I will get some buds and have fun.
  19. HI
    Hello every one must have good new year. After all your valuable suggestions i have managed to upgrade the soil. But still due to unavailability of various brands I could only got my hands on a big bag of pindstrup. I have no idea what language is written on it. But look wise i saw perlite peat moss is already added to it and there is nutrient label as well so I had to buy. Here is the nutrient fact sheet.
    I did added more perlite and bit more coco into the stock soil. and here is the new growth.

    Here is more plant which i though will not make it so half heartily i changed the soil and left in the one gallon but she came back. After transplanting i added a little bit of NPK and no fertilizer in second water. None of the plant showed any kind of burn except this one.

    Please tell me guys do you think i need to add any fertilizer at the moment if yes then I have an option to buy J Arthur Bower's Grow more.
    At the moment they are under 600watts MH and one more 600watts is on the way.


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