Please give me your 2 most recomended strains and seedbanks.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by urbanpoison, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. Whats up fellow growers? I'm needing something different these days. I'm thinking of going a bit oldschool and growing some stinky skunk. Please give me your stinkiest/potent skunk and seedbank you got it from. Also looking for another varity leaning a bit more toward the sativa. Maybe something with some haze. Any replys are very much appreciated! Thanks all!:smoking:
  2. Two good seedbanks: Doc Chronic and Gypsy Nirvana.
  3. deff not either of those
  4. id say sensi seeds and dna genetics
  5. strains:
    C99 & kali mist
    because i despise indicas
    doc & gypsy
    because they've both done right by me in 5 orders total
  6. Arends, why not?
  7. I hope Dr Chronic are good because I just ordered a 5 pack of feminized seeds from them, I hope I don't end up with a worthless plant!!!!!
  8. I've seen plants in the states that have seeds from those places,and I've seen plants in other countries that order from dna genetics and sensi seeds..
    they don't compare in QUALITY
  9. Thanks for the replys all!:smoke:
  10. Who is the original breeder of Kali Mist? Is it Serious? I looked it up and it looks good. Any of you grow this? If so Is it a hard strain to grow as far as nutes?
  11. heres one that isnt that popular but is a great seed bank
    they develope there own strains and have the normal killer strains
  12. all i know about Kali Mist is
    1. it's freakin' expensive, but worth it. it's a totally awesome strain. it's red hot pepper flavor is delicious and the super energetic, clear headed, thought provoking and super euphoric buzz spanks the daylights out of EVERYTHING i've ever smoked except super trippy thai.
    2. it's 87.5% sativa
    3. it's related to western winds
    4. super kali mist (or something to that effect) has some more indica in it (why?)

    no idea who the original breeder is, or which breeder has the best beans.

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