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  1. The terms: Dutch, Holland, The Netherlands

    I've seen these terms used my whole life here in the USA and have never taken the time to find their accurate meaning and proper usage. Now that I have an opportunity to speak with someone from there I would appreciate a clarification of these terms.
  2. Well Dutch is used for the inhabitants and the things coming from the country. I don't know the origin of it, it is only used in English.

    Holland is historical the main part of The Netherlands. I think you can compare the use of the names with the use of England and Great-Brittain.
  3. Kees, I appreciate the examples and the information. But as with anything you learn, it only leads to more questions.

    If "dutch" is an english-only term what term do the citzens of Holland use to describe the same word?

    The english language has so many elements from other languages (espicially the current American version of english). What language is native to Holland and from what elements does it derive from? (i.e. is it a Germanic or Franco)

    One last thing. In Australia its "G'Day Mate", in the western USA its "Howdy Partner", in many parts of the USA its "Hey, Guys", what is it in Holland in your native tongue?

    I appreciate your patience in teaching this American a little bit of info about the rest of the world.
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  4. We use Nederlanders and Nederlands. Maybe Dutch is more logic than English.

    The language is Germanic. You can place it (same as the country) between English and German. There is a big influence of the Dutch to English. Especially before the 17th century.

    Do you mean the sound of the language, or the way to say hello? The language has a very hard G. My German friends always make jokes about the way I speak German. Saying hello is mostly done with a simple Hoi, or Hallo.

    Well if we didn't have given New York to the English, it would be your native language now. ;)


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