please explain s.o.g. and s.c.r.o.g

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  1. what is the sea of green what is differant about this than just growing some plants and what is s.c.r.o.g
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    Type in SOG or SCROG and voila!
  3. so i looked around the threads and i did that before i asked and i found some discussions but nobody has actualy took the time do actual define this procsess but my q's are whats the screen about , in pictures ive seen that the bottoms look likes there kept well trimmed well actualy more than trimmed , what do i need to do to convert my grow room , tips tricks and expirences , and if you support or oppose sog scrog why
  4. Scrog = screen of green. You weave the plant growth through a screen hung horizontally over the plants. Keeps the canopy level and develops secondary budsites, helping to maximize yield per plant.

    Sog = sea of green. You grow out the plants on 12/12 lighting almost from the start, so there is very little secondary growth only one top cola. Fastest way to harvest. The goal is not yield per plant but to maximize yield in the shortest amount of time by packing in many plants that all will mature with small individual yields but quickly.

  5. wait wait, so you're saying that the plant would NEVER have 24/7 ? from the very seedling it would be 12/12? that's the fastest way?

    what harvest time are we talking about here?

  6. your harvaest time would be the same....depending on the plant(s) used.......

    use a 12/12 from the start..what will happen is the plant will grow only until it hits maturity then flowering right away due to the light shedule.....they wont get big but if you have plenty of them, you will yield a decent amount........

    ie. 4 plant a veg for months and months to get an oz a plant.....OR 20 small plants flowering asap will only get you an once per the end you'll have the same yield, but the veg time was weeks not months with the small it???
  7. so what do you suggest going with
  8. yes I understand the system. I simply wasnt aware that the 12/12 schedule could be activated from the start. I didnt know the plant would still keep on growing.

    This is my first harvest and reading your "example" scares me a lot.

    Are you saying that :

    4 plants + months and months = 4 oz ?!?!

    How much would I get from SoG then?!

    3 months of growth for 1 oz per plant is scaringly low.

  9. The one i explained is sog...... and the amount are just put in reflection on actual amounts....
  10. well i am doing a sog at the moment......but i never did the 12/12, i let them veg for month or so.....hopeing the get 12-14oz off 22plants......

    screen of greens will yield more but sog will be's a win win or loose loose....depending how you look at it....
  11. ah, so what would be a more standard amount per plant? my strain's Big Bud, so it's on the larger size.

    My plants have been growing for 2.5 weeks now on 24/0. Is it too late to do the SoG?

    You said the harvest time is the same. So seed to harvest is the same between SoG and LST/FIM/ScrG ?
    If so, then SoG's only advantage is size?
    If NOT, then what's SoG average time from seed to harvest?

    Just give me ballpark numbers.
    Im googling SoG, but the details on timelines and such are floosy :p

  12. i can't really tell you a set amount per plant, there are too many variables, size, nutes, temps,'s never too late to do sog......i didn't do 12/12 from start.(that is how some do it)........i got clones veg in beer cups for 2-3weeks then in 2gal pots for just over a month.. then flowered.......

    a flowering time on a plant wont change generally speaking....most plant flower from 8to10 weeks........but your VEG time will be reduced if you do 12/12 from the get go...

    hope im making sense....

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