Please explain feeding plants.

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  1. hi not sure if im feeding correctly can you help me understand how and when to use the feeds i already know how to mix it just need to know how and when to use it.

    Plant feeds for all stages and how i mix:
    Baby bio for veg.
    (i mix 1 and a half caps with 3 liters of water and share it out between 2 plants every 2 weeks until flowering)
    Bio-Bloom for flowering.
    same mix as before sharing it out with both plants every 2 weeks
    Top max for Late flowering.
    (closing in on harvest i use top max again same mix as before sharing 3 liters between 2 plants)

    am i doing it right i dunno?
    should i be using the feed every 2 weeks or every week?
    please tell me how to use this feed correctly thank you.
  2. Hi. I wouldn't use that baby bio house plant food if that's what you mean? As for the bio bloom and top max it says what dose and how often to feed on the back of the bottle.. Just start of quarter strength an work your way up..
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    heres what the bottles say its not very much

    Top max
    as an additive to the regular nutrient or plant water. to be used during the whole flowering period.
    Directions of use: 2-5ml per litre of water.

    Bio bloom
    application: complete liquid plant food to be used during the whole flowering period
    Directions of use: 2-5ml per litre of water

    if baby bio is no good for veg what should i use?
  4. Top max is as it says an additive to use along side other nutes.. Start using it at around the 2nd week of flowering. Bio bloom use when your plants have started to show sex.. As for what to use as a grow solution i would stick with bio bizz and get bio grow but don't start using until around week 3 and remember to start of with a low strength on all of them.. You should continue to use the bio grow at a quarter to half strength whilst your in flower and up until about a few weeks before harvest.
  5. Does that mean i use the feed every few days, instead of just water?

    Both Bio-Bloom and Top Max is made by the same company Bio-Bizz am confused even more now.
  6. You can feed bio bizz with every watering.. Let your pots dry out an an mix nutes into your water.. Baby bio has nothing to do with bio bizz i wouldn't use it.. Get some bio bizz bio grow to go with the flower and top max you already have mate..
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    ohh man ive been doing it totally wrong then was wondering why my feed was lasting soo long.

    what i did was planted my seedlings then 2 weeks in started using baby bio i just used that every 2 weeks like it says on bottle i mostly just gave them fresh water every few days then feedmix once every 2 weeks.

    when the hairs started to show that's when i moved on to the bio-bloom doing exactly the same as i did with baby bio water every few days then feed once a fortnight.

    Same with Topmax ii used this on mature plants almost ready for harvest i would water every few days then feed once a fortnight thats what i been doing.

    So now i give them the feed mix every few days? ok thanks will do from now on just hope it don't burn the roots.

    i have some tomorite tomato feed is that ok for veg growth? i was using it for flowering in the early times till i got bio-bloom n top-max will it be ok for veg?
  8. Water an feed only when the pots feel light to handle and dry.. Try getting used to picking them up to feel there weight before and after you water them. Don't just water every 2 days regardless cos you could end up over watering.. You will get used to it after doing a couple of times. I don't know about tomato feed i only use bio bizz range but i would avoid it if i can get something better..

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