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  1. We are very close to decriminalizing Marijuana and need everyones help. Below is a summary and what should be known to the public, Alaskan or not.

    Here is one of the many places and people who are trying their best, but still need as much support as possible to ensure our best possible chance at decriminalization in our state...:


    Though this state may not be your state, it is part of your country and your future. In the coming months, we will have to vote whether or not to decriminalize personal use and possession of Marijuana in our homes. We can start the ball rolling for our country, but we will need all the support we can get in order to ensure that the laws pass in our favor. So we must ask for the support not only of fellow Alaskans, but of all Americans.

    In your donations to our goal, you will find that we will be there to support you when the time comes for decriminalization in your state. You will also know, that it must start somewhere... In order for full legalization (state or country wide) to occur, we must start somewhere. That somewhere right now is Alaska, and I believe we have a great chance of winning this war on drugs, but again, in order to have our best chance of winning we all must be willing to support each other in some way. For Alaska, we need funds in order to pay for travel to peoples homes and talk with them about prohibition, and enlighten them on what Marijuana really is and how legalization will affect them. We need funds to pay for website hosting, and for advertisements, to get the word out there about what we're doing and that we do need supporters. You can never have too many friends :)

    In short,

    For anyone who does not live in our state, you can still help our national goal by donating (any amount will help). For those of you who live in Alaska, please vote yes on Proposition 5 on the November 2004 ballot. Don't be late! And please become a registered voter if you haven't already!

    We need to get the word out there, tell your friends and family to vote, get out on the streets with signs, put up posters on billboards and anywhere else people are likely to notice them. If anyone can help our cause in any way, please do so!

    Thank you very much for your time and consideration in this matter!


    "Dirt King"

    Marijuana Reform Supporter

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