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  1. So I know that the majority of my plants are beginning to flower, but as I look very closely everyday to see whats going on, I'm confused because I've never seen it before. These pics are of my largest and I tried to capture what I'm talking about. It seems that out of every possible joint, there is new growth emerging. Are these going to eventually be individual buds, or are they just some part of like a huge bud that is the branch? I seriously dont know what to expect. Some one who knows, please enlighten me if you would be so kind :)

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  2. I would say thats normal. The buds need a stem to grow on! Anyways, thats how mine look.
  3. Each place a hair grows out is a calyx. The plant will grow more and more of those until all of them together form the buds. The calyxes swell a little but stay roughly the same size. They just multiply and fill out the branches. It's a fun process to watch.
  4. Yes it is.! I wish I had a time-lapse camera.:D
  5. I've been taking pics of my grow every day. It would be fun to print them out into one of those flip books. I'll have to pay attention to take pics from the same angle every day of flowering. Then I can load them onto a video and speed it up.
  6. Thank you! I'm getting all excited and sorta nervous, because alot ot stuff could still go wrong huh? What sort of things should I be watching? I was reading some threads about bud rot. Is that mainly caused by overwatering? I don't want to mess this up ! :)
  7. That's a damn good thing!

    Keep it up!:hello:

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