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    OK I need to know...bottom these fans work by themselves to pull air or not because I keep hearing they do and then they dont. This person loves it and then these guys hate it...please help...

    [​IMG]inline duct fan!!!!
  2. It all depends on your setup. How big is it? What kind of intake? Lets hear a bit about your design. I use one, and I will tell you about it, after you answer my questions. I also have a cab that that fan will never and would never see, as i tcan not handle it. So it works both ways, yes and no.
  3. I'm using a 4ft x 1ft 8 2ft space. Do you think I could pull through a small homemade carbon filter? It says its 188 cfm but i dont know how much that ,atters
  4. I have that fan. It will move air around freely alright but dont expect it to suck air in and out of an inclosed area and dont even think about trying to hook it into a filter.
  5. OK there last poster:wave:. My closet (door sealed tight) with a passive intake of the proper size, that fan hooked to a carbon filter (not a home made, a CAN 2600) and it will pull air juuuusst fine, hell there is even some ducting on there:eek: lol. It really depends on several things. Is your intake 1.5x-2x bigger than your exhaust? Is it a Real carbon filter, or a shitty one from ebay, or better yet, homemade and unmatched cfm wise?
    Is the rest of the box sealed up tight except the intake, or are there air leaks all over.

    See my mom closet in my cge thread for the pic (in my sig). It won't let me repost it here in this one.

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