Please don't treat marijuana improperly, this is why.

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  1. So I'll start off by saying, at the current moment, I don't know how long this will be by the end of it. But what I can tell you, is that weed didn't ruin any of my family relations, excessive spending of money, legal problems, etc. It's how I treated it that led to all the negatives that are about to be poured out in this. And hopefully any new smokers will be able to learn from my experience(s).

    So to be honest, I haven't really been smoking for too long. Maybe about 8-9 months tops. I started after an old, old, old, friend that I didn't really care too much about or even really talk to anymore called me one day and asked if I wanted to smoke some weed. I said, sure, why not. As prior to that I REALLY educated myself about the plant. I studied it inside and out, EXTREMELY researched growing, and had a whole grow ready to go before a few irrelevant things came in the way of that being able to happen. I must tell you, after researching marijuana for a very long time, and then smoking for the first time. It was definitely much different than I expected.

    So we smoke and whatnot, it was great and all, I go home and whatnot. Now the driver, (who I did not know at the time) was the one who called me. (Well, he didn't call me. But his phone was used to call me.) So after all was said and done, I texted the number back saying thanks for smoking me up. This, this right here, is the underlying reason my life went to pieces. Had I not sent that text, I would never have re-associated with that particular "group" of people that weren't the best people to start with.

    He asked me if I ever wanted to smoke again, of course at the time I said yes. So the next day we hit each other up, I pay for a gram of dank this time and we smoke. This happens almost everyday up until THIS very day. The 5th of January, 2013. Of course we didn't just smoke and never build a friend-like type of relationship. I'd say we became pretty okay friend after awhile. We'd smoke each other up, we'd stay at each others places if one of our parents ended up kicking us out for a little bit, we'd buy each other shit, we'd just chill and play video games all night, etc, etc.

    So me and him did this about everyday for the last 8-9 months. And through him, I've met a LOT of legitimately great people. Anyways, all was well for awhile. But the last few months, not so much. Eventually it came to the point where I was only smoking him up, and he wouldn't even match me except for on rare occasions. At that point, I still considered him a good friend though and didn't think much of it. Except that he just didn't have money to buy weed. Unfortunately, neither did I. So I said fuck it, I'll sell these personal amenities of mine for a quick buck. And we did this almost every time we wanted to smoke, which unfortunately was every other day. So it came to the point where I was selling just about everything I had left and right, just to chill with my "friend" and smoke weed. Eventually it got to the point that it is now, where I have nothing but a computer and a shitty spare mouse and keyboard.

    Now, this next part is a little fucked up and is taking a lot for me to admit publicly, but it even eventually got to the point where I stole from my own parents. It's fucked up, I know. Since then I've at least made a VERY meaningful apology to them, and payed them back for everything. But because of this, I have lost the trust and faith of my family. I know they still love me, but they've made it apparent that it's going to be a long time before I earn any of that trust back. I don't know what was running through my head. Anyways, it now came to the point it is today.

    My "friend" decided to message me on Facebook, wondering if I wanted to smoke. He had weed and was wanting to match, unfortunately though, I did not have any weed, nor money. I told him this, and he told me "just go get your bank card", I said "no". I was then asked if I have anything to sell. But this time, the answer was different than it normally was. This time, the answer was "no". He said "okay whatever" and that was that. Those are the last words I ever really care to hear again from him.

    And it wasn't until today, when I decided to sit down and actually give it some thought. I asked myself, what am I doing, what have I done, why did I do it. I didn't have an answer for any of those questions, except for "I don't know". Which isn't a good thing. So I came to my senses that I was only being used for my money (or shit to sell to get money), and that was the only reason why he ever bothered to chill with me anymore. In the last 9 months, I've ruined everything with my family, got into legal trouble, and made MANY decisions I EXTREMELY regret. And it all revolved around weed. Now I'm not saying weed is bad at all, or that it caused any of this. I'm saying that I treated it improperly, and because of that, I'm suffering the consequences.

    After everything that has happened, all I can say now is sorry to myself and my family for everything I've done. I do regret it all. And while marijuana is an amazing plant with extreme potential, both medicinally and recreationaly, if you don't treat it properly and responsibly, it won't end up good for you. Just like everything else. So all I can say, is if you're new to smoking, treat it properly. Don't get associated with the wrong people who are toxic to your life and don't let anybody use you.

    I don't know if I'm going to stop smoking weed, take a break, or continue to smoke it- just with other (better) people and/or myself. I suppose that's a decision I'm going to have to make on my own. Thanks for reading though!
  2. Don't be a fiend and you won't have these problems. Remind yourself that you're a stoner. Not a crackhead. You don't need to sell shit to get stoned. Idk if you justified that just because you were desperate for someone to call a friend that you needed the weed to keep him around, but it's really easy to just say "hey selling all my shit for weed is dumb." But whatever, as long as you've made a change. You'll earn your family's trust back. Just prove to them you're a changed and responsible adult.
  3. Good read, +rep for admitting that man. I agree with you, it's like everything in life, you gotta treat it right. I don't know you, and you don't know me, but I'm proud of you for realizing the mistakes you made, and changing your ways.
  4. What the hell?

    I've been smoking everyday for 5+ years, only thing I've sold was my old ps2 lol.

    I wear a 500$ watch, I have 2 ps3s nice guitars, guns, all kinda shit I could sell to get high.

    But op your priorities are outta wack.

    I mean Damn I've been jonesing before,.mainly for harder things, but you won't have wd, take a break.

  5. They most definitely were out of wack. But I suppose that's what happens when you get laid off from your job due to over-staffing and not enough hours and you have nothing to do but sit at home alone for 9 hours a day. Trust me, I know it was EXTREMELY stupid and my priorities were extremely out of wack, but I'm changing that.
  6. Why am I reading all these stories about people selling their shit for weed.... IT'S FUCKING WEED.
  7. Its good that you know you fucked up, now you can move on with your life and fix your family issues. But man you taking fiending to another level, but damn stealing to feed your marijuana needs is not cool bro, i understand if its crack rock or some other hardcore shit. Damn about your friend though, you need to rethink about how to pick the right friend so you dont make the same mistakes again...a real friend wouldnt ask or tell you what to sell nxt for the nxt fix.
  8. He doesn't need us to tell him how stupid he is, lol, he's already admitted he screwed up and now he's trying to work things out. Chill, guys.

    I'm sorry your 'friend' used you. It really does suck when people you thought cared don't, haha... But, I'm sure you'll find new friends and if you work hard, you'll get that trust back eventually.

    At least you'll have this experience to look back on in the future, to keep you from doing even dumber things for even worse drugs. Always a silver lining!
  9. Man back in high school I had a group of 4 friends who we would smoke each other up no matter what and it didn't matter. We always got each other back. There was a period of like a month where I smoked my friends weed everyday because I had no money. On like the third day I was like dude I can't just smoke all your weed I need to pay you and he's like nah dude it will work out. Over the next 4 years we smoked each other out so many times that all debts were nullified. Still to this day if any one is short on weed they get covered.

    Sucks that you ran into some shitty people OP. Fuck those kind of people
  10. We all make mistakes.....but as long as you learn from it and leave those dirtbags in your rearview you can move forward. Damn...just think if you put all that effort into other areas of your life, work, personal'd be so much better off in the long run. I bet your stoner friend will still be mooching and stoning for the next 5-10 years or longer...cause there's always gonna be someone else vulnerable that they can suck the life out of. DON'T LET THAT BE YOU....MOVE ON AND AWAY FROM THAT FUCKING DOUCHE! I'm sure you're not the first one your smoking bud has done this too. Sounds like you're just one in a long line. At least you had a wake up call and took the time to rethink your priorities and friends.
  11. buddy you should know by now hardly anyone here will read novels.

  12. Dude I don't really see why you're so disappointed in your friend, unless I somehow missed something. A lot of that pressure to sell stuff in order to get weed probably came from yourself instead of him. I dunno, that usually seems to be how it goes when people kinda fiend out like that (seen a lot of people do it haha).

    The guy chilled with you when you didn't have weed often it sounds like so I really don't think he was using you.
  13. Get your money straight, dont be santa for your friends and limit yourself with your money spent on weed. Then you will be fine.

    My goal is of my discretionary income 60% goes to savings 20%weed and 20%for special occasions
  14. You really sold EVERYTHING you own for weed?

    I'm glad you're getting your priorities straight.
  15. Are you sure it was weed and not crack rofl.. Im sorry but what the hell is wrong with you.
  16. maybe it was green crack
  17. I've been stoned for 4 days now and im feelin better then ever. 18+ only on gc
  18. thats a little crazy. and depressing for that matter...
  19. OP b carful too meny marijuanas nd u die!!!

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