please don't ignore this post it won't be as wordy, I just need some ppl to explain

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  1. No one seems to respond to my posts... not sure why... but can someone explain to me why my plant went from this: pic 1

    to this?: pic 2

    Is this plant dead or can it be revived? Will transplating into a larger pot make the leaves stand up again? This problem is definitely NOT from overwatering.

    Nevermind can't include the before pic, grasscity won't allow you to upload a pic more than once.

    I'm really feeling like I'm flushing months of rent money down the drain, and I need your help. Please. Thanks in advance

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  2. Im no expert and not really sure whats causing it but it looks like either not enough light or water. I wouldnt recomend transplanting until its stronger to avoid shocking it.

    Bump for someone who knows what hes talking about lol
  3. Plant looks really thirsty. Should water it.
  4. Interesting you say that, I rarely water as that's the cause for most beginner mistakes. Guess maybe I overshot it? I'm hoping water is the key. The light is dimmed at 450watts on 4 small plants no taller than 5 inches. They are 24 inches from the top of every plant.

    Again, I have no active exhaust, but I'm not sure how that would mean anything since my other plants are getting along much better and all were germinated at the same time.
  5. Lift the container, if it feels lightweight it's dry. When watering a medium that dry, do it slowly so it can absorb and soak up instead of running out the bottom instantly.

    And those leaves definitely look under watered, the type of drooping is limp, loss of moisture the stems are drooping too, whereas with over watering, the stem is still reaching up, the leaves are droopy from the moisture.
  6. You were right and deserve a medal my friend. I water and gave them 9 hours of rest (accidently) and look at her now. Still has some trouble with the yellow around the bottom, but I don't know why. That's my next question, as you can see the plants (coffee can, ceramic brown pot) that are biggest are larger in size than my water gallon jug and pretzel rod container yet still have the same yellowing and withering of the first set of leaves. They're all equal in disease.

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  7. Additional pics of the brown ceramic pot and its sick leaves:

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  8. Just a thought...are there any drainage holes in your containers?
  9. The yellow leaves look to be a start of a nitrogen deficiency. When the medium dries out a bit I would suggest a small feeding. Right now it's running low on resources so it's taking away from the lower foliage to continue growing.

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