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  1. I have a question regarding the MFLB, and yes I know every other thread is about it on this forum so I'm sorry. Unlike many other apprentice tokers, I have actually been researching this miracle vape for some time now. The one question I have left that I keep finding mixed answers on is this:

    Is there really NO scent? Or does the scent dissipate quickly? I here from some that there is absolutely no scent during the vaporization process but some are claiming that the scent is very overwhelming. :smoke:
  2. I dont have an mflb but just like any other vaporizer id assume there is a scent, it just is a lot easier to cover up and isnt as potent
  3. it does indeed exist. its not overpowering, but if someone who is a non smoker were to walk into say.....a bedroom...that someone was using a mflb in theyd smell it for sure. i smoke cigs and pot (duh) and when my dude uses his i can smell it. smells like vaped weed is supposed to smell.
  4. I've been told it smells like popcorn,
    So either way, it smells.
  5. So my best bet would be to exhale out a window?
  6. im so going to flame you
  7. If your trying to smoke under the nose of your parents,
    even the mflb isn't going to make it fool proof..
  8. Because of the amount of vapor that the MFLB produces, the smell that is lacking already, dissipates within minutes, unless you're in a room with no ventilation. A sploof will help too if you need no smell.
  9. Super conservative college roommate actually :(
  10. With the mflb one of the key ways to keeping it scent free is to just hold the hits in until they are gone.... since the unit is only hot when being hit, you wont have a continuous source of the smell, yes, the vapor smells, but if you hold it in for 10+ seconds, and wait a bit inbetween each hit, the smell is hardly a factor, i use mine in my office all day and no one smells it. Sometimes if i vape a really really stanky strain, ill puff a bit of air freshener in the room before the session so there is already an out of place scent in here to cover it up
  11. Ahh I see! That's rather daring of you to do that in your office. Mad props for that. :hello:

    But anyways, since it will only be THC vapor that I am inhaling, there won't be any unnecessary health risks to ghosting the hits (as with smoke) will there?
  12. when your vaping bomb trees its gonna smell like bomb trees. the smell wont linger like smoke though.
    if your trying to be stealth honestly just go outside
  13. The smell of my nugs being grinded up is far worse than the smell omitted by my MFLB.

  14. I'm a med patient so i would probably just get a slap on the wrist for vaping here, everyone here knows (for the most part) i am high all the time, but no one knows i do it in here hahahah.

    And yea, its actually recommended you hold in vape longer as it wont absorb as quickly and isnt anywhere near as unhealthy so holding it gets the job done
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    I smoke mostly high mids, with a bit of dank nug that I save for the "cherry on top". How long does it generally take for the smell to dissipate for you?

    That's very cool man! Thanks for all the help so far. I will ask you the same question, how long does it generally take for the smell to dissipate for you?
  16. i find that the smell all depends on how big your hits are. when im trying to get real baked on the thing i hold the batt in for 10 seconds and take very slow rips that last 20-30 seconds that give me decent clouds that smell for about 10min. if i need to be stealth ( i have done this in university class many times without being caught ) just put the battery in for 3-5 seconds and take a very small 5-7second draw from the box. hold that in for 10seconds and there is no vapor produced and no smell. you will love the mflb get it already!
  17. There is a scent. It is prominent. Not as prominent as smoking... but quite noticeable.
  18. My friend and I were chilling in his basement, passing the launch box back and forth. Out of nowhere, his mom asks, "what smells like a skunk?" Scariest thing ever. We told her his dog kept farting and she believed it... Anyways, moral of the story, just keep a fan on and you'll be fine.
  19. what i do when i vape with the mflb and my parents are home, is go in a bathroom as if to take a shit and turn on the vent. it just takes away the burnt popcorn smell.

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