please dont comtaminate the gene pool

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  1. aight heres the story. this kid goes to my school he is a freshman(i am a senior) and every morning i come into school and he is yelling abnoxiously or something of the sort. today this video on was sent to me. my jaw droped. its the kid. and hes gayer in the video than he normaly is. i just had to share it. especially for those NHS kids here
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  2. haha, umm.. I kinda feel bad for him :eek:
  3. dont its one of those situations where hes been given the chance but chooses to be that way. if you had to deal with the kid every day youd understand y everyone who goes to school with him wants to "leep through the screen and strangle him" as ferris so modestly put it
  4. LOL god damnit, I hate that kid so god damn much...
  5. Goddamn, you guys are haters.... you smoke pot to make you happy and this guy............. well, I guess he dances by himself. Whatever floats his boat, bu you probably don't put videos of yourself smoking pot on youtube...
  6. thats the only boom boom boom hes ever going to get
  7. Thanks for saying it.

    Yeah, the kid looks pretty fruity. So? He can be gay if he wants, he can dance like a fruit-cake if he wants. No, I wouldn't have hung out with that kid in high school but that doesn't mean that he's a bad person. He's not what I'd call a cool person, but at that age I really can't blame him. His hormones are pulling him in every direction and society is doing the same thing. I, for one, would rather just let him go wherever he wants.

    Shit, I'm sure that my friends and I didn't look very cool when we were tripping on DXM and we all "danced" in a circle around the radio while it played Tangerine Sky by KMK. But how you look to everyone else is NOT what life's about to me. To me, life is about having a good time and doing what you want.
  8. A-fucking-men.
  9. wow man right now that was deep. damn straight Feanor
  10. there a diference between sum1 who tapes themself doin this and this kid. the vid is only half the story. a vistit to my school would help you understand. its an annoyance issue, its like annoying ppl is what gets him off. how would you like it if you came in in the morn, had a half hour b4 classes, and tryed to rest on these sick chairs/chouches we have and some kid comes by every morn screeming and dancing knowing that your tring to get your rest. at that tiome you too would wish you could taka a knife and "do the right thing"
  11. you shouldnt kill him but instead break his legs so he'll get the picture not to dance again!
  12. Agreed. He's just a kid. Don't be hating on the homosexual community guys, they're just like everybody else. The only reason they have a subculture is because we've been killing and abusing them for so long that they had to do something about it. Yes, there are those who act very differently from what comes naturally to the rest of us, but still, it's not like they've hurt anyone by just being who they are. I mean, who are any of us straight people to say that our culture is any better? Because we propagate and create children who are doomed to repeat the same shit that we all are doing now? Fuck believing in stupid shit like racism and hate mongering towards people who have different sexual orientation and/or cultures!

    It is people who are full of hate who are the ones perpetrating a negative effect on the gene pool. It saddens me that people full of needless anger are the ones who are propagating more than those who have the intelligence to not overpopulate our world.
  13. The kid's got chutzpah, ya' gotta give him that! As for his tendency toward the obnoxious, it's just a need for attention, any kind of attention, attention that he's lacking at home I'm sure. Whether he turns out to be a flaming fag or just an effeminate straight man, or possibly an over-compensating macho freak remains to be seen. The guy's in the midst of puberty! Cut the boy some slack! Hatin' on him will just make him that much more of a freak, but if that's what you need to do to make yourselves feel superior, then by all means, ridicule, castigate, humiliate and taunt this guy until your superiority shines through. After all, you deserve to feel better about yourselves than this guy, right?!
  14. I have to say first off that was reallly funny. Second we have 2 remember that he is in high school, how "cool" were we in high school. Sure we thought it was cool but think back to the shit we wore or the music we liked. Just a stage man, he's kinda wierd I will give ya that but calling him gay or whatever is not very cool, not to mention that it is offensive to some. I think that if he likes to dance like no one is watching and tape it then more power 2 him. But he should not get bent if he puts it on the internet and people make fun of him. HE danced and HE put it on the web, Sooooooo.... JOE>
  15. Man that's nothing. I met this guy 4 years after the video was made. Needless to say he changed, but... well, you'll see...

    Leave the poor dancing kid alone, for he has not gone that far.
  16. those kids in the background are really really creeping me out
  17. For a chubby kid, he's pretty graceful, you have to admit.

    Whatever makes you happy, buddy.
  18. que sera sera
  19. What is it with teenies between, say, 13 and 15 making retarded videos that end up on the internet? I mean it's been a while since I was that age, but even at 13 I knew doing something like that would get me ridiculed beyond belief.

    Far be it from me to call him retarded or gay, but he had to have known when he made it that anyone who saw it would think those two things, and therefore I don't feel at all sorry for him or anything that happens because *he* made this video all by himself. :p
  20. i think its fucking great, he's just having a fun time...idk why he taped it but dude me and my roommate wake up with dying hangovers and start blasting september by earthwindandfire, man its so gay but we'redancing and highpitched singing, its great. some times you gotta just do what you feel

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