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    Hi guys I have some dramas with my 2x green crack. They Finally started looking good again then I notice these. Please tell me they are balls

    CF25A5ED-ECB0-4440-86B3-0435CA5F3154.jpeg B0867667-C0E6-4762-AB5B-30DE09F8A478.jpeg B92C53D2-BC66-4B6E-B096-E47BE8920A17.jpeg A2C18847-0ED7-4215-9C44-13AF2E4B573F.jpeg
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  2. Don't think it's a male. To early really.
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  3. Where did you get your seeds?
  4. A few more pics. Some do have hairs coming out. I’ll just keep them going. Some do have pistils coming out of them here’s some more pics
    8FC1BA55-D894-4E91-B068-BE8F11DBAB8A.png 2D9FD74C-E3DF-483B-8772-1715894E7F1A.png B34B1E08-42D9-4576-A08B-60AA3BA55697.png 1354B633-C7AF-4366-A57B-9594885CDC1F.jpeg
  5. MNSL seeds mate.

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