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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Chucktaylor08, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. This plant isnt doing well. Looked great 2 days ago. Temp outside has been over 100 degrees past 2 days. Wondering what I should do first to help . Any tips would be awesome .

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  3. You should stick with one thread. Check for fungus gnats
  4. Yes she is a clone. Leaves have been looking weak for a week
  5. I'm new to all this . And I will check right now.
  6. No gnats . Clean of pest as far as I can tell.

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  7. Sorry, I don't have anymore ideas. Good luck.
  8. Too much water. Let it dry out and move that clone out of direct sunlight for a bit. If you did not acclimate the plant a just stuck it in direct sunlight in that heat, There's you problem.
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  9. Agree with above^^^ this plant needed put in the shade a couple days to get use to the suns powerful rays. Going from inside straight to 100 degree in the sun will fry them.
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  10. If it was sunburned it's probably too late to move it now. I've sunburned plants by putting them out without hardening off and after the burned leaves finally fell off, the new leaves were just fine.
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  11. You need to harden off your clones and new plants. Place them in direct sun for 1 hour then leave in a shady area outside. Next day do 2 hours and shade, then 3 and shade.

    She needs a hardening off period before she sees 100 degree sun. You are cooking her and killing it. Just leave in a shady area outside for 2 days. Then start the hardening process.
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