Please delete my account.

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by falacy, Oct 3, 2010.

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  1. Hey, I am not going to make a big speall but I would like my account to be deleted. I searched on the forums and one post told the OP to pm reformmaryjanelaws, well I pmed him and nothing happened. So, if a mod needs to confirm this is me or what ever lemme know, thanks
  2. Try not signing in anymore
  3. what does that do mush?
  4. The GC elves come and take your account away, and we can forget you ever existed
  5. if they took my account away, im sure you would remember me.

  6. y does it seem like there are a lot of threads about this?
    maybe im just noticing them.
    is there a reason to delete your account? fear of prosecution? I think its been discussed that it would be difficult for a prosecutor to obtain gc record and harder to use them in court?
    If someone read EVERY post I ever made, maybe they could figure out where I am, within a few cities. And if you don't have links to your website, or facebook or something then its completely untraceable. But unless you go on at work it would be hard to get a specific persons IP...right?
    i know nothing is untraceable but I still dont think that making a few posts on a marijuana forum could get anyone in trouble.

    just my opinion, someone please correct me if I'm wrong and should delete my account cause I sure the IRS or someone could find something in my posts worth causing me trouble...
  7. did u copy and paste than dude?

    i saw tht post from u a few days ago...

    deja vu shit...
  8. Go out in an epic troll frenzy.

  9. this is what i'd do. spam every thread with pics of a blue waffle and get yourself banned.

  10. I feel I should give you a toll you troll so well.

  11. RMJL (who is a "her", by the way ;)) will take care of it. You just gotta have a little patience. :p

    And no, don't do that. A ban is not at all the same as getting your account deleted. :hide:

  12. not to mention a nuisance for the rest of the community
  13. I allways wonder why people do this (unless its court ordered?)

    Theres plenty of Web Archives out there, copying Forum content every day, preserving it for the rest of time... Wether or not you delete your account, or even delete all your posts, your contributions on the WWW and documented forver.

  14. so my nude pics on the interwebs are there for good..?

  15. I did this a short while ago and RMJL took care of it for me. She gets a lot of PM's and E-mails not to mention she has a personal life. It took a few days for her to respond to me so have a little patience and she'll get back to you. She's good people and will be more than willing to help you.
  16. why would you have ur acct deleted just to create a new one:confused:
  17. I explained it to RMJL and I'll leave it at that. I had my reasons.
  18. Thats fine its your bisiness.
    But please folks ....rmjl has much better things to do...
    Everyone needs to understand that your account here is what it is.....
    This cannot become a regular the rules when joining, it explains everything including the fact that, what you post is your resposibility..
  19. just sign out, clear your cache and never come back.

  20. I'll take care of your account for you. I have others to delete and usually do them all at once several times a week.
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