Please Critique My Plants - 4 Weeks [Vid][Pics]

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  1. Hi Guys
    Please critique my plants. They arent as green as before. Are they okay for their age ?(4weeks)
    I stress to pay attention to the VIDEO more then the pics as the flash on the camera make them seem much greener then they are.
    Thanks in advance. :smoke:


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  2. Kinda small for 4 weeks to me.  But I would say that your lights should be closer.  what type lights ya using?  Couldn't really see.  Cfls?
    If Cfl's, then they should be about 2-3" away from them. If Hps/MH then about 12-24".
  3. they look kinda small for 4 weeks my man. Whatsup with plant in pic #4? is it the same age as the other 3? if it is you got some problems with that guy!
    As for the rest of them, the bottoms starting to turn yellow, means your plants are starving! U need to get some nitrogen on them ladies asap! They yellowing will start at the bottom leaves and work its way all the way to the top! Since they are a month old now, its a good time to start implementing your nutes to them. Make sure u give it at 1/4 strength for the first week, 1/2 strength for the 2nd feeding - if it didnt harm plants, u can try to go full strength for the 3rd feeding, or feed at 1/2 strength again. Remember Less is More!
    what are you gonna use for nutes? If u would have add'd some earth worm castings in your seedling soil mix, you wouldnt be having a nitrogen deficiency like your having now =D remeber it for next time.
    yeah they are quite using 1 x 400W HPS Light and 1 x 400W MH Light with a Cool tube Reflector. for vegging im using the metal halide
    actually they all vary within a week of each other. some are 3 weeks,some 4 some 5.
    yeah they arent as green or lush as they where before..plant 4 looks weird.
    ph at 6.5.
    temp at 26 degrees celcius(78 degrees farenheit)
    humidity quite high between 50% and 70%
    all the embroyonic leaves off all the plants are yellowing - i assumed this was due to it finishing up the nutrients from them in the seedling stage and are now usings its leaves to make nurients via photosynthesis....
    so this means i have a nutrient deficiency?
    how can i test for this?
    what nutrients do you recommend i use?(keep in mind im in australia so please advise nutrients available worldwide)
    fyi this is my first time growing...and these seeds are just bagseeds that i had. im trying to learn and make mistakes with these plants before i start on the expensive feminised seeds i bought.
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    yes it has a deficiency, but its not as bad as you think! its nitrogen. You can add Earth Worm Castings, Mexican Bat Guano, Fish Emulsion, Composted Manure, Kelp Meal, Seaweed, Anything that has N - Nitrogen. As far as i can think atm, almost everything has Nitrogen in it lol. 
    Mexican Bat Guano is what i used when mine did the same thing!  It has N-P-K of 10-2-1
    If u list the ferts u have, i can tell u properly what to use =d
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    cheers man,i havnt purchased any ferts yet.was hopping for suggestions :)
  7. are you setup to make tea's?
  8. I dont know if its available to you in the land down under, but if u can find it get yourself a few bags of Earth Worm Castings!
    Im using:
    Earth Worm Castings (EWC)
    Mexican Bat Guano
    Jamaican Bat Guano
    Alfalfa Meal
    Kelp Meal
    Fish Hydroslate
    Seaweed Extract
    worm castings are worm faeces right?i have already put in a few worms for aeration..they should be pooping
    damn thats alot i think im just gonna find a fert with a high n rating npk of 10-1-1 etc.
  10. 5 weeks from germ

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  11. They look good just so small for 5 weeks

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  12. pics taken today IMAG0470.jpg IMAG0471.jpg IMAG0472.jpg
  13. The first two are beginning to look much better but the third not so much. They are still very small. What grow space are they in and how far are they from your hood? 
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    They don't seem stretched out or anything and with lights like that I would not want to have them too close.
    Maybe it's just the genetics. I've also been experimenting with bagseed first and the growth is very varying, some hardly grow while others will grow like mad. The plants themselves (except the size) look fine though :)
    Just looked at the video though, your lights seem to be almost 40'' away from the plants. That is very far...
  15. Move your lights down to at least 16-24 inches.

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