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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Superjoint, Feb 13, 2003.

  1. Friends i need your help to bootst the rank of our site somewhat, please click on the image below (or just click on the cross if the image not shows) to help us rank better in the search engines! Thanks for your help! Peace


    PS Click as many times you want, spread over several days, it would help us a lot!

    <IMG SRC=""
  2. Done...clicked it about 10 times so far.
  3. Clickety click click click.

    (Isn't this cheating? lol)
  4. Well.. about 20 so far.

    How far down are we on the list?
  5. We are number 10, we need more :)

    Thanks boys and girls!

  6. Bump. Come on people click on the box^^^^
  7. Double Bump
  8. SJ I just clicked it 10 times but the numbers didn't chang.

    Do you think there may be a problem or does it take time to record?
  9. sorry, it just takes a little time to record.
  10. you didn't put a closing tag on the link and it includes your signature as well :D but anywayz, i'll click away :D
  11. Oh hell yeah, I'll click it a hundred times. Being #10 really makes me GRRRRRRRRRRRowl! We are SO the STONIEST site ever and the numbers should show it. Screw cheating, you know the competition's cheating so why shouldn't we!!!!
  12. Some of those websites on there aren't even about weed!! What gives? How is a casino website more 'stony' than the City?
  13. We could get #4 and then it's a long way to #3.
  14. we are now at number 4!
  15. clicking this is wayy too much fun this morning.

    wake n bake, i'll be at this for a good half hour :D
  16. do you know if you have to let the site copmletley load? or can i just click, press back, click, press back? or even just keep refreshing that site????? ohhhh the possiblities
  17. hahah, ok i got it from 423 to 530 so far. i think you can just keep clicking on it really fast over and over. no loadage is needed...i think.... oh well, lemme see how high i can get it.
  18. hahahahahhaah 520 to 773 in 1 minute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahhahaahhahahahhaha
  19. hahahahhaah 1301!!!! I ALMOST TRIPLED THEM IN 5 MINUTES!! hahahahahahha its on now moltenglass. you are going down mother fucker.... omg its on.

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