Please check out my electronic music!!!

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  1. Brandon Salm | Crystal Lake, IL | Electronica / Progressive / DubStep | Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos | ReverbNation

    Check it out! Any constructive criticism is welcome! I'm still learning but I'm currently ranked #1277 on the electronic charts in the USA for this site (and moving up :hello: )

    Electronic, Dubstep, Triphop, house, progressive,etc, etc, I try to blend together all my favorite elements of music. roll one up, smoke it down, listen and ENJOY!


    PS- if u like it here's my facebook page, like it up!
    Brandon Salm Music | Facebook
  2. alright Ireally like this shit.

    do it again.
  3. thank you!!! Ke$ha's a Slut and Monkstep are my 2 newest pieces, check em out! They helped me move up 700 spots on the chart this week!!! :D
  4. now ranked #1224 in the US!
  5. Pretty cool stuff man.

    What program(s) and equipment you using?
  6. Software: Ableton 8 and Reason 5, alittle wavelab 6 for mastering
    Hardware: AxiomPro49, Maschine, EMX, Adam A7 monitors


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