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    Brandon Salm | Crystal Lake, IL | Electronica / Progressive / DubStep | Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos | ReverbNation

    Check it out! Any constructive criticism is welcome! I'm still learning but I'm currently ranked #1277 on the electronic charts in the USA for this site (and moving up :hello: )

    Electronic, Dubstep, Triphop, house, progressive, etc, I try to blend together all my favorite elements of music. roll one up, smoke it down, listen and ENJOY!


    PS- if u like it here's my facebook page, like it up!
    Brandon Salm Music | Facebook
  2. Dayem, boi you're good! Love this kind of music...ever heard of DJ Trashy? He's from where I'm from! He's bad ass! Listen to him sometimes if you never have.

  3. Hell yeah I'll look into him! And thank you very much! :D let me know if you have any feedback to throw my way, im still developing in the electronic realm
  4. Here ya go, Dank.....some more Trashy for ya!

  5. that IS dope!!
  6. Why thank you! Keep up the good work! Let me know when you record some new you have any CD's out?
  7. now ranked #1224 in the US!

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