Please Check for me! Superjoint

Discussion in 'General' started by Superjoint, Oct 21, 2002.


Did you receive the october 21st newsletter??

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  2. NO

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  1. We have new newsletter software, I have send out a mailing today, can you please let me know if you have received it?


  2. Sorry SJ,

    Not in my box yet either.
  3. Me neither! lol
  4. Ok, we have some bad software here, but keep it coming, Im ust know from as many members possible who get their newsletter and who did not! Thanks for checking for me, another sleepless night, I'm afraid :)



  5. SJ,

    I know what a bitch software problems can be!! Just remember when you get upset about it that without you this place would not be possible. Here's a big heartfelt thanks from me and everyone else who surfs this board. This bowl is for you my friend!! :)
  6. sorry...not yet.....Peace out...Sid
  7. Doh! Voted in the poll, but forgot to reply. Yeah, I got mine this morning.
  8. I got mine, I feel special ;)
  9. i think i got it, but i think i deleted it when i read it...but the drugs are coming for real now..ARRRGG!!
  10. nope, not here yet.....i keep checkin my mailbox like I'm waitin for a present tho
  11. Got another one this morning.
  12. got mine this morrning!
  13. YAY!!!!!!

    I got mine too!!!!

    ::::happy dance time::::
  14. me this am.....

    dancin with rmjl....woo hoo!
  15. I got one! Yay for me i got a letter! It waS A mass produced letter so I deleted it as well, but na na, na na, na, na - i got a letter. :D

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