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  1. Have a gdp clone that has been been put in a 2x2x4 tent, plants leaves feel dry and some tips are yellowing, also curling a bit at the ends. Just transplanted yesterday in fox farm light warrior, added more perlite, ag sand, and mixed in some good potting soil, and this was done because the soil didnt seem to have good aeration. Hasnt changed much since transplant. First three pics are before the transplant, last one was just now.

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  2. whats the temp at? And how often are you watering
  3. When light is on it hovers around 77 when off around 74, humidity 60-65%, was watering every 2-3 days but soil wasnt drying out thus why i tried to transplant into a better aerated medium. I watered a bit right after transplant as you are supposed to ease transition but dont plan to again until the soil feels dry.
  4. It can take a few days for it to grow into its new soil. So if there is no change within the next couple of days you should post again
  5. Sounds good, will repost in a couple days, though what were your first impressions?
  6. Looks good, only looks slightly droopy. Could be over watering though.
  7. So far thats what you and some guys from a local hydro store said which plays into my theory of poor aeration which would cause symptoms of overwatering from the lack of drainage. Thnx for the opinion, the only thing is shouldnt the leaves not be dry if it is overwatered?
  8. Looks like you could also have a slight nitrogen toxicity. See how the tips of the leaves are clawing?
  9. Thats the only other thing i was thinking, whats the common cause and remedy for that again?
  10. Depends on what soil you are using. What is your soil?
  11. If youre using soil with time released nutes there really isnt anything you can do
  12. These are approximates, 70% foxfarm light warrior(low on nutes and has a good amount of perlite), 30% greenall organic potting soil(equivalant to foxfarm orgo soil), and mixed into this is some ag sand and extra perlite, the bottom 2-3 inches is just perlite.
  13. Hard to believe it would be N toxicity considerig it has never been given any nutrients to this point.
  14. Some soils come with a lot of nutrients in the soil already that are too hot for plants.
  15. Well it used to be in just organic pottig soil for two weeks which has much more N than it does now and it was doing okay before, no signs of n toxicity, in the fox farm light warrior which has little to none it should be fine. At this point im pretty sure perpetual poor aeration of the previous medium was oversaturating the roots when watered causing overwatering. Thnx for the input everyone, ill will repost with new pics in 2-3 days of no watering in new medium.

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