Please !! any assistance is appreciated dont want to lose them

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  1. So I have 2 girls , One is sour diesel medical the other is peyote critical by Barney's farm So at 1 point I was thinking I had A phosphorus deficiency but I was not in flower at that time I am now in flower exactly 14 days in and I am showing more and more signs a deficiencies I did flush everything a few times in it seemed as if it was starting to help but now it's not Really stuck at At this point I've tried a few different things I will attach some pictures below hopefully somebody with knowledge and experience can truly help me

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    OK so you have them on flower nutes and lightly flushed before adding them...?

    and as for calmag being applied at the 12x12 ....?

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  3. Well I thought what I had was a phosporus deficiency so what I did was flushed about 15 gallons of water through my medium And then added small amount of flowering nutrients in the same day Came to realize didn't seem to help so I ended up flushing again waiting a couple days to see if there was any change . Which it seemed like it was drastically reduced I have only been using about a 3rd of the recommended dose because when I was using because I did get nitrogen toxicity at one point..I water I the ph of 6.8 to 7.0
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  4. Still need help nothing that iv done has corrected my issue..
  5. What’s the ph of your runoff? Could be nutrient lockout? Also still seeing some possible nitrogen issues

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  6. Also black spots on leaves looks more like magnesium deficiency than phosphorous Imo

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  7. It was a ph issue I couldn't seem to get my soil up past 5.8 no matter how many gallons I flushed thru.. I finaly got my ph run off to be between 6.8 and 6.2 on both plants as well as my ppms at the moment kinda low but there around 550 to 700 they should probably be around 900 or so .doing alot better now to what I see doesn't seem to be eating itself anymore I was pretty worried this is pretty much my 2nd time my first plant died cause it got root rot from over watering and not let soil dry out ever..but yea pics down below thanks again for any advice given

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  8. Lookin good mate! My ph is always at 6-6.5 but I’m not familiar with growing in soil, personally 6.8 is a little high for my preference and I certainly wouldn’t go any higher.

    Happy growing bro

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  9. Hell yea thanks man I appreciate and what do u grow in coco or hydro?
  10. Hydro nft system with a 3” rock wool cube

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  11. My main stem at the bottom is about 2”

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  12. So you have everything under control now......?
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  13. That's awesome man I love my new found hobby can't wait to try some hydro one day or coco or gordan cubes iv seen stuff like that!
  14. Yes as of right now I think I do I didn't seem much more damage occurring.i did a days 21 defoliating and lollipoping after every was looking better did leave some lower leaves just incase I have issues I catch prior to reaching the top
  15. Ok good
  16. So evidently I don't have it under total control for some reason I'm showing more deficiencys on my sour d I'm not sure if it's a "maganese" deficiency or a calcium deficiency. IT seems like its calcium ,But I have been running RO water and every feeding which is 2 -3days I am giving 4.5ml of cal-mag To 1.5 gallons of RO and it doesn't seem to get better the or lessen the past few days . My ph going in usually 6.5 to 6.8 and run off is like 6.2 to 6.5, also for some reason my plants both seem to be drinking less water then normal witch really doesn't make sense..
    1 more thing wondering why one buds white pistols are red and look burnt and the tips of leaves is that a phosphorus deficiency or is it a toxicity? Ppm run of is around 700 to 800
    Temperature is 76 °F and RH is 46%

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  17. The white pistols will turn color and start "drawing up" the older they get....can usually happen to buds closest to light source
  18. Ok Just one bud tho seemed odd and Any input word by some the other issues?

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