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  1. Truly first time growers have been researching for months mostly on this forum. We have bought a grow tent 4x4 was sold a great lighting system and we are ready to go .

    Seedlings have sprouted imagine 2 more days in wet paper towel before we plant seeds in plastic planters we have bought our pro mix potting soil.

    We have tested our grow room with lights on for 18 hours 6 hours dark
    Tempature is 84 degrees lights on 69 with lights off
    Humidity is 41% light on and 31% lights off.

    Using an oscelating fan to circulate air .

    Have steam humidifier to increase humidity going to probably need to add another humidifier to get humidity up??

    How does it sound so far ?? Expecting to put plants in grow room on Saturday.

    Ventilation we have no idea ..... And don't want to spend much more yet any advice ??

    On our tent we have lots of openings what should be open and what should be closed?

    One last question if we start Saturday about 10 days later we will be away on business worried about leaving lights on while we are away they are on a timer thoughts ?

    Appreciate any advice

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  2. If you lower your temperature, your humidity would go up. I also would get rid of the steam humidifier, and get a cool mist instead. As for your 84f with the light on, for me anything about 78f is way to hot...
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  3. How do I get the temp down ? Putting mist humidifier in now .
  4. We only are growing 3 plants
  5. hi.. As above as temps too hot.. and wen on business shud be ok but do saftey checks etc for a goid few days to check all ok. How long ya away? Have ya thought bout watering scedual? Open ya top vent for some air circulation and to keep temp down. Av a play fir a few days and see witch vent etc best for room conditions. Pratice makes perfect. Wen ya starrt growing thats wen ya will learrn. Its trail and error and help and advise like on ere that will help. I grow in siol for nearly 5 yrs firstly wi only help off old gardeners and i killed a few plants along way but i didnt repeat my mistakes lol. if ad help then like there is on here i wood av killed a lot less!!! Ps ya dont want more than 3 in u room . In a 4x4feet i would go for two but thats me. Plus it depends on ya strain sizing too. I av 2 mothers in a tent that kinda size and jyst right but i never flower in em. Anyway good luck and keep us updated . Sum one will always help on ere if stuck. Oh ph water and dont over fertilize. Xxxx☺☺☺
  6. P
    ps... becarefull with yr tap root wen planting. Be gentle. Xx
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