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  1. So I live in FL and summer is coming up and I have three decent size plants budding. I go to school during the day and It's gonna start to be the rainy season and I was wondering if they get a little wet will it ruin the plants?
  2. Dude, don't ever allow your plants to get wet. Plants hate water.
  3. I know it's bad but can it ruin my whole crop if it gets a little bit wet? Because I have a feeling it's going to happen sooner or later.
  4. Lol water is great for your plants, just make sure if theyre in a container (bucket, etc) make sure you have some drainage holes! Tour plants will be fine!
  5. I have plenty of drainage holes. I just don't want my buds to start molding
  6. I think you'll be okay, ive grown during hurricane season here in texas :p
  7. Alright that's good to hear. Check out the pics on my first grow. They're all natural

  8. of course you did. hurricane season is june-nov ;)

    how did you protect it from heat (90+)? or did you just make sure they have enough water
  9. humidity and water left on buds is a sure fire way to get mold. shake off all the water you can after a rain.
  10. BAHAHAHA! He bought the sarcasm.
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    Oh I made sure they were well taken care of!
  12. Yes sitting water on buds is bad. If you cant cover them through the rain shake off all excess water after rain stops.

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