Please answer some of my order questions

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  1. i was wondering a few things off grasscity so maybe a couple fellow blades can help me out here...
    is the package confidential? does it say grasscity on it in large letters?
    will i have to sign for the package or can it be left at my door in the daytime while im at work?
    what will it show up as on my credit card bill because i share a card with my wife...will it say order? or will it include what i purchased ie: Order- 1 bong, 2 Rizla rolling papers?

    Thanks ahead of time guys
  2. Your order will be packed in a discreet bubble pack envelope or a white cardboard package. The waybill of the courier company will be attached if applicable. The courier will not know what the package contains.

    and im sure the bill will not say on it, but im not 100% sure about that... sorry i cant help ya more but ive never ordered from them
  3. From what I've heard, the charge will appear on your credit card statement merely as from a one ********, or something to that effect. Why does it matter if your wife sees it or not, though? The package will obviously not say on the outside that it contains drug paraphernalia -- that would be incredibly stupid.

    And as for signing for the package, I believe that depends on the policy of the shipping company. For instance, I know that my household has signed contracts with both UPS and FedEx that allow them to leave packages here without requiring anyone to sign for them....

  4. your creditcard bill will have no reference to the shop what so ever.


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