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Please answer, its about different highs.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by grandadaypurp, May 14, 2010.

  1. hey im new.

    ive smoked quite a few times. and i only once got this kinda high where you get really hungry, and you cant stop laughing and smiling..just everything is soo funny and you cant really see 100% but you just dont care cuz its soo funny.

    also i got a high where its sorta like WOAAH! like you start walkin and then it builds up and it feels like you walk in the same place for like 5 minutes and you move really slow everywhere and when you shut your eyes its hard to open them. and you can also really feel your heart beat.

    i would like to know which is indica and which is sativa, and how to know when u buy bud which type of high it will be.

    I prefer the high where u just cant stop laughing and your really hungry and not the scary sort of shit whats happening high.
  2. The first high you described is Sativa, the second is Indica.
  3. One strain may not be just indica of just sativa. But one trait will be dominent, unless it's like 50/50.

    A sativa is an energetic uplifting cerebral high, whereas indica is a heavy body stone(best for pain relief).
  4. You can tell if by the nugget the bud your smoking came from. Indica buds are kind of fatter, while sativas are longer and skinnier.

    Indicas tend to make me hungry and slow, and sativas make me laugh and be creative. Sounds like you've experienced both. Take your pick. ;)
  5. So, is dro sativa and mids indica pretty much?
  6. Ugh, ignorance is bliss. Please define "Dro".

    In general, most stuff on the streets is INDICA DOMINENT.
    Remember that every experience/high is different, even with the same bud, piece, setting, etc...
  7. Dro: Hydroponically grown marijuana, higher grade weed.
  8. its just your low tolerance smoking dank buds, you are in a good place to judge different strains/highs.

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