PLEASE Answer how much in last 2 Wks??

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  1. I just have this one question about how much will they grow in the last 2 weeks???
    Can't seem to get an answer!! They hairs pretty much all turned in and well are looking like christmas trees but how much more weight at the end like now?? Big colas now... Thank you for an Answer...

  2. Sorry man, but there's really no way to tell you how much more weight the buds will pack on by the time they finish. There are too many variables that affect 'weight': strain, grow conditions, grower experience, lights, nutes, etc...all play a part in outcome. :smoke:
  3. How about hypotheticalize it then and pretend all things being perfect including strain. Can they get a lot more in that last time period?

    QUOTE=doinYODA;8439327]Sorry man, but there's really no way to tell you how much more wnd ht the buds will pack on by the time they finish. There are too many variables that affect 'weight': strain, grow conditions, grower experience, lights, nutes, etc...all play a part in outcome. :smoke:[/QUOTE]
  4. Plants gain the most weight in the last 2 weeks assuming you pull it when its ripe. Most of the weight is put on through density.
  5. So does it matter if you flush or not as for size? Not taste, we can debate that if you like, but for making them bigger would taking away nutes be better or less valuable for possible size increase increase here.? Thanks

  6. Flushing won't plump the buds, but adding molasses with waterings after the final flush can.

    You truly don't know the answers to these questions about final weeks? I thought in another thread you are saying you know everything there is to know about growing MJ, not sure how that thread and this thread fit together.
  7. Well that makes sense. Good question. Let me try and explain. I read constantly! And I thought I knew it well enough to sort of cut corners, ignore certain things, do it my way, in the end I faced every challenge you can imagine and well I did in mostly my way but had to fight hard to fix every thing that went wrong. I grew them well but missed stuff. Like in my first grow, dirt, I loved the buds getting huge but missed the mold due to buds touching. Things like that made me learn the old fashioned way, school of hard knocks.... Now I have everything fixed, dialed in so to speak and know how to respond to the problems, all of them really, and also did it as cost effectively for my yields as you can do it. Experience is the best teacher. I have grown 12 or so strains and settled on one. But in the past at the end of flower things happened to make one harvest mold, another had mites, changed the times of harvest and well pretty much the one crucial thing that can make or break a 4 month grow is missing out on when they are prime. This can be a very short period and well That part with this strain is now pretty much settled I think.. They could go another 10 days I think, trics not amber, but have seen them change with northern lights at the very end from going a week or so to long to buds that could have been so much better.. Hairs can be very very misleading...... Or am I wrong?? If none or almost none of my trics are amber but all the hairs are pulled in and almost all red would that mean they are done? See I just don't want to miss out on half a pound of bud because I cut them 10 to early.... Does not mean I can't answer most questions and if you ask me some maybe you will see I do know how to do this and can help... My colas are 19 or so inches long and look like christmas trees covered in snow, most are around 4 inches wide now that is good in my book and some if not the best of all the pics I have seen on here.. So ok?

  8. I applaud the way you have soaked up a lot of knowledge and thirst for more and are eager to share. I dare say that after your 4th grow you have not yet seen all the problems that can happen, though it does sound like you've seen a lot of them. But there's always something else lurking around the corner that can stump even very experienced growers.

    Definitely go by the trichs not the color of the hairs (pistils). The pistils can turn from white to any number of colors based on a variety of factors such as genetics, temps, RH, pH, nutes, etc. The trichs are where the THC and other cannabinoids are found. You have a window of time when the plant is "prime" for harvesting, but within that window you have the option of harvesting a little earlier or a little later to tailor to some extent the kind of high you will get (earlier = more head high, later = more body stone).

    Best way to check the trichs is under 25x-75x magnification, on a sample snipped from the plant (difficult to check the trichs on the actual plant). Take a tiny snippet, like 1/4 the size of a grain of rice, put it on a piece of white paper, and look at it under magnification under "regular" light (everything can look amber under HPS). Best to check 2-3 places off each plant because sometimes some of the buds will mature sooner than others on the same plant.
  9. Very right you are. Very hard to look when on plant. I do all of that already. Yes I know many things lurk in the dark too. Thanks. I have a question, at this late stage if I turn on a side light for say 20 mins after lights out because I need to and just do it like once or twice in the last 2 weeks I am guessing it won't hurt anything??

  10. You have 12 hours of lights on every day, why can't you go in during that?

    I know that, theoretically, when the plant is close to harvest that it is "too late" to turn it hermie, my philosophy is to stick to the game plan and not test the theory by risking my crop. So I would avoid any and all light during dark cycle.

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