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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Xavior, Jun 8, 2003.

  1. I would like to goto a local hydroponics store in my area to look at different products and possibilities for my grow. What should I tell them? I mean what can I say I'm trying to do? My grow space is very large in comparison to closet grows and such. - Part of the problem is that I don't know what I want...

  2. Hey man just get a grow guide from overgrow, it will list the supplies you'll need. If I were you I wouldn't tell them shit, just know what you are going to buy before hand, search as a normal customer, be calm, buy it, and dip. Simple

    You don't wanna start letting them know what you are doing or even give them a clue. My reason for that is, most store have security cams, so your face is already been seen unless you were disguises like me. Second, use ALL CASH, never use debit, credit, or any other type of shit that can be electronically traced, better put "IF you can't fold it or burn it to ashes, I wouldn't use it." besides most hydro shops already have a clue what supplies are being used. If you get a HPS, MH, or MV, just tell them you are an electrician, and you are wiring a light to you garage or back porch for security purposes. And if they ask you why are you getting it from here and not a hardware store, tell 'em "becuase yours was the cheapest, besides Lowes' Home Depot etc... were out of stock" or some shit along that line. Depending on the operation size I'd only make two trips at best to the same store, or go to different stores and get a little from here and there until you are done stocking and ready to grow.

    BE DISCREET, the FUZ is around, and they ask neighbors, store owners and etc... to be on the look out for customers that buy items like these. Not to mention they can get info from National database on you. Don't tell even your closest friend, b/c friends get jealous, or can be bought cause evey man or woman has a price you just have to be able to deal it out.

  3. hahaha.... Are you sure there's such a thing as a "Hydroponics Store" ??

    Do the cashiers wear dark shades and wired ear-pieces? Is the parking lot filled with black chevy suburbans??

    LoL.. I dunno why thats funny, just sounds kinda suspicious. If it really is a hydroponics store though they're gonna know whats up. Tell them you wanna grow hydroponic tomatos in your basement or something. And hit up overgrow before you go so you'll know what ur looking for. Also there is pretty good grow guide floating around this forum somewhere that'll tell u what you need to know.

    Good Luck
  4. It was interesting, on another forum I posted to I got opposite answers, they both said that most of the store's business was with weed growers anways so they just dont ask.

    I think I'm going to try my best to know what I want, but the trouble is that I've read so much crap and so many 'Grow Guides' that its one big jumble and none of it makes sense.
  5. When you walk into a hydro store, they know your not growing tomatos. I have 3 stores that I goto and talk to them about anything. You can't get in trouble for buying stuff from the hydro store, I don't take my vehicle and make sure I'm not followed home.
  6. Hmm, thats something I hadnt considered. What do you take? A friends car or like public transportation?
  7. Buddy's or girl friends. I park a block or 2 away and walk, that way I can tell if I'm followed. Also the ride home watch very carefully. I've asked the hydro guy about it and he said that cops aren't going to sit there cause not all there customers are marijuana growers, alot of people who have nurserys send there young workers or kids in to pick there stuff up.
  8. Hm, well I just went ahead and bought a whole load of stuff from them...paid cash, but I had to pull up my car because the system was massive. They didnt ask me once what I was trying to grow, they just convieniently worked around it and pointed out pros and cons of different items.

    As for being followed....I drove 90-110MPH the entire way home, I don't think anyone could have followed me, lol.

    Bought a 8 Unit WaterFarm system with controller, a 45 LB bag of clay pebbles, some digital light metering and temperature gauges, and 50 feet of mylar.

    I couldnt afford to buy nutrients and ph testers (only had $500) so I'll go again and get the rest some time this week.

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