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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Mia Wallace, Sep 4, 2019.

  1. Hello Grasscity, nice to meet you.

    I’ve been in the rafters and decided to fly down. Longtime grower/smoker, thought maybe I could help out.

    I’m vaping 9# hammer.

    Oh yeah one thing, it’s only marijuana people. It won’t kill you.
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  2. Welcome to the forum, we welcome smokers n growers. Great signature that you have. :wave:
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  3. Hey @dobro49 thanks for the welcome. Nice to meet you.

    Thanks, isn’t it the truth tho? It’s only pot lol
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  4. Not much of anything at the moment. Lol yourself
  5. Nadadamnthing
    Bored, waiting for lights out so I can put my light out.
    Had to drive quite a distance for soil today. It’s worth it but it’s a heckuva drive.
  6. Are you a man of wealth and greed?
  7. I rode the tanks and held a General’s rank

    Hey @GrowQs how are ya?
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  8. Yeah that ish suux. I either need to fill two gallons with water and ph them down or go buy two gallons, and I don’t feel like doin either atm lol
  9. When the blitscreek raged and the bodies stank!

    .. prolly butchered them lyrics
  10. “I say GOT DAMMN”
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  11. @John Dilinger
    I just recently found out there’s no need to ph my fox farm lol who knew? I hate phing I always forget it’s on my hands and then I smoke one and yuk. That base tastes horrible.
  12. I shouted out Who killed the Kennedys?
    When after all it was you and me...
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  13. L
    hat would suck
  14. Idk wtf was goin on with my thing just now lol
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  15. I
    never heard that version that’s wild
  16. I love Janes Addiction
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  17. Welcome to G.C. alot of good guys/gals here!!

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