please advise on light setup.

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    Hi :smoke:

    i am planning to grow some green soon and have to decide on the setup of light.

    i will be def. using 90W UFO LED

    + either just 125W Blue CFL
    or both 125W Blue and 125W Red

    I am not sure which way it is better... to use blue during veg and then substitute for red when its time to flower or to use both during all stages...

    it is quite a dilemma as I have to preposition the lights correctly depending on the option and I will either have 90W led+125W cfl or 90W led + 250W cfl...

    note: I am going to grow just 1 plant yet (but hope to make it bushy using lst and topping)

    Need your help to decide :confused:

    p.s. Is it fine to use both (same) lights during veg and flower ?

    p.p.s. I have both of them purchased already.


    Edit: or shall I get another set of blue+red cfl to make it 250w and same spectrum during each stage of growth?
  2. I just actually replaced my HPS with a 90w UFO and have 2 LED Grow Panels.

    I would opt for the Red LED rather then then the blue. Red is what you require for flowering not blue.
  3. You could do whatever option you so choose. Both CFLs being red would be better for flowering, but if you have a blue in there also, or even both blue, they will still produce buds, probably will sacrifice yield though. Imo it isn't the actual color that makes the red CFLs better though, it's just the red ones (2700K ish) have a little more PAR watts than the daylight ones (6500K), which is what plants use for photosynthesis.

    Personally I wouldn't use any of those CFLs though, it would be much better to just use an HPS system over the CFLs. A single 150 watt HPS (under $100 shipped for everything) would outperform 250 watts worth of CFL. Not only is HPS more efficient in lumens per watt, but imo it also has a higher luminaire efficacy (how many of those lumens actually makes it out of the lamp/reflector and is directed downwards). The 150 watt HPS would also produce much less overall heat than 250 watts of CFL.

    In any case, have fun growing!

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