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    I am running a Current Culture UC hydroponics system. It's a circulating DWC system for those unfamiliar. I am interested in automating the top-off process. With this in mind, I recently picked up a Plant!t Auto Top-Up Kit. (Hydrofarm GMBF PLANT!T Big Float Auto Top-up Kit :

    On the instructions the auto top-up kit recommends a 'header tank with either a 13mm (1/2") barbed outlet or a standard quick fit hose connector and ideally a tap'

    So I am now looking all over for a decent tank/barrel for my nutrients with the setup described above. Mainly I am looking for a res barrel with a tap. That being said, I am open to suggestions from the community experts.

    The goal: Automate the top-off of my Current Culture system.

    Stipulations: The resevoir used for top-off may should be a 40 gallon.

    Current Hydroponics system: CCH2O - Current Culture Hydroponics - Under Current UC

    Any help or suggestions are most appreciated! :)
  2. Why not use a 55 gallon drum? Cheaper and larger than what you're currently looking at.

    How is your yield with this UC system?
  3. I like the 55 gallon drum idea. You can get food grade blue plastic barrels off of Craigslist. Breweries usually have these.

    You will have to place the barrel higher than the control res of course.

    How will you handle PH?

  4. I moved from soil directly to the UC system and have only executed one cycle. I made multiple mistakes and failed to account for the explosive growth. In the end I flowered only two plants.

    On two plants I have harvested 6 oz's dried. I didn't use any special techniques, and was really caught off guard by how well the system delivers results. I am also using the Canna line of nutrients, fwiw.

    In terms of controlling PH I will be filling my top-off res using my Triton RO and adding nutes and adjusting PH from there. From what I've read the top-off nutes for Canna do not need to be diluted much, if at all.

    Obviously there will still be some manual work involved here.

    Is there any reason to prefer a barrel design over something similar to a panda? GH 40 Gallon Panda Reservoir, SKU:707265, General Hydroponics :

    I currently use a 40 gallon trash bin (Vector Green Garbage Can - 75698542 : Shutterstock) to mix my nutes before manually topping off.

    Here are the issues I have with my setup:

    1. Even with a pump and two air stones I find nutes (even CANNA) tend to settle a bit toward the bottom and are difficult to reach and stir up.

    2. No built in spigot. I would have to install one myself and I am concerned about leaks. I am not the most handy of people.

    3. No markers for gallons (this would be resolved with a barrel).

    For those interested in the UC I don't have enough experience with hydroponics to give a great recommendation. I will say I am extremely impressed with my results as compared to my soil grows.

    Thanks all!
  5. Barrels are way cheaper.

    I guess you are talking about nutes settling in your trash can you are using. Putting a submersible pump at the bottom should help with this.
  6. ^this. I use an ebb and grow which implements a submersible pump to move the liquid. Also, if you're using air stones and O2 pumps in the barrel you'll have plenty of water movement.
  7. Which undercurrent system do you have?

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