please accept american express AMEX CARDS!

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  1. it wont take mine and i know plenty of people who are upset about this
  2. American Express is like the bastard step-child of Credit Cards these days - having worked in the processing industry for a while, I can tell you that it's not that important to merchants these days, and they can be a bit of a BITCH to set up - plus sometimes they don't like working with the type of merchant that GrassCity happens to be.

    I mean, MasterCard and Visa use the same back-ends and technology to process. Discover is slightly different, but AMEX is COMPLETELY different. When you install a credit card processing terminal you have to load it with three different pieces of software (most terminals operate on Windows CE) and the AMEX is typically the most difficult and wonky to work with.

    I don't know the specifics as to why or why not they don't accept it here, but I can tell you it ain't worth adding just for one or two transactions a month.
  3. so will visa work?
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    yea many places are dropping amex, i don't think it's any longer the world's most accepted card.. i've heard they charge higher fees than other companies to the merchants for their use too. I'd say drop the amex and stick with visa.. and wildwill, if you can you should tell them in the shop to take amex off their list of accepted forms of payment

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