Pleasant surprise.

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  1. So, up until tonight, I've felt kind of alone in my family in terms of toking. I know my parents used to blaze, but they don't anymore and none of my extended family smokes enough to call themselves a cannabis user.

    My cousin came up from TN for a cookout to celebrate his and another member of my family's birthday. We've never really been close, per se, due to distance. But also because as a kid he suffered from ADHD and I was always a pretty chill kid.

    Today we were talking, and he starts talking about some "new age" stores he goes to, mentions something about "dabbling a little bit" and whatnot and eventually slips the term - headshop.

    I immediately perk up and start talking about ones I've been to and freely using the term headshop and mentioned one in particular that was close to him. And that's when he said, "Don't they have a lot of... hand blown... there?"

    So, it's quite obvious at this point that both of us smoke but we can't really go into it with all the family around. Especially his parents because they're both clean cut and his father is a strict military guy.

    And then the better news - he's moving here in the fall to go to the local university. It makes me excited to have a family member that tokes that will be close. I'm not sure how much he knows about the herb or what kind of herb he has access to down there, but I know that what I'll be getting will, at the very least, be on par with what he gets (aside from the artisan bud some hippies here grow).

    Not sure where I was going with this, just wanted to share my excitement that I've got a friend to toke with that's also fam. :smoking:
  2. that's awesome. I remember when I toked with my best friend for the first time :) we hungout and watched tv. good times
  3. Smoking with family is the shit. My cousin is the person who got me into smoking, it was on family vacation a couple years ago lol. That same vacation I caught my dad smoking with my aunt :cool: good times
  4. that's awesome. I love finding new smoking friends :D
  5. yea same then we blasted Manu Chao and watched the media player visualizer.... good good times :smoking:
  6. damn man props, that's awesome. i definitely appreciate my brother now way more because of that. :)
  7. lol @ media player visualizer:smoking:

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