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Discussion in 'General' started by Elem3nt17, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. So I just ducked out on my back deck for a hoot. As im smoking I look up and see the most crazy aurora borealis I have ever seen in my life, and its pretty common where I live. Vivid colors were dancing across the sky, green, bright white, purple, red. It was awsome I just zoned out for like 10 minutes watching it. Then as fast as it started it stopped.

    For those of you that dont know what it is, check out the wiki link.

  2. that is so fucking cool.

    like really.
    im super jealous..where is it you live if you dont mind me asking?:bongin::bongin:
  3. damn. I'm jealous. wish we had that here :(

  4. Northern Alberta, Canada eh.
  5. dood

    need to go to canada


    watch the aurora borealis

    trip BALLS
  6. You've got that much fucking snow on the ground already!!! holy fuck.
  7. that is amazing.
    idk what i would do if i were to ever see something that amazing.
  8. how lucky you are to be able to see such a sight!
  9. for some reason i dont think he took that picture, probably because its just as hot in canada as it is in US right now.
  10. Damn that's pretty amazing.

    I wish some thing like that would show itself around here where I live. I could get zoned and watch that beauty for hours.

  11. It's on wikipedia too, so he might not have.
  12. No that pic is from wikipedia. I just used it as an example.
  13. I dont really care who took the pic, I just want to see some awesome shit like that around here. =P

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