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    said to introduce urself on here so -

    been smoking for about 8 years

    have about about 30 pieces.. Here are some pictures. ENJOY ! bongs bubblers steamrollers pipes etc

    Anyways - hoping some of you can help me out.

    Have a buddy who needs hits on this website he made for class... need 1000 by march 1st and it only has 250. if ur bored just visit the page. Yea, random.

    thanks for the help

    pleasant smoking.

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  2. welcome to the city

    nice collection
  3. Thanks. post some pics of your own if you like mine and ill put up some more
  4. Thats a crazy collection you rob a head shop? hehe
    Ive been smoking for 12 years off and on and only can represent 3 pieces
    Welcome to the city
  5. nothing exceeds like excess! Добро пожаловать, Welcome!
  6. i like your communism quote. too true. same goes with democracy - look at the us. what a sad sad state.
  7. Shout out to tool fans!!
  8. welcome bro. Nice glass collection!! I like that steamless!

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